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Americans Can’t Get Enough Guns, by Michael Warren Davis

A corrupt government, Covid-19 totalitarianism, and riots have Americans reaching for their guns and ammo. From Michael Warren Davis at theamericanconservative.com:

Thanks to the civil unrest, chaos, and looming election that have defined 2020, Americans are stocking up on guns at a record rate.

My local gun dealer’s website has a huge banner in the middle of the homepage that says, LIMITED INVENTORY—CALL AHEAD. So, a few weeks ago, that’s what I did.

“Hey,” I said, “Do you guys have any Remington 870s?”


“How about a Ruger SP101?”


“Smith and Wesson M&P?”

He just laughed.

Now, the 2020 election is just one week away, and most polls are predicting a comfortable Biden victory. The former vice president has promised to confiscate “assault weapons,” which is a scary-sounding name Democrats give to automatic and semiautomatic guns. That includes every rifle that fires more quickly than a blunderbuss and every pistol more advanced than a flintlock. Since most Americans don’t fancy the idea of defending their homes with muskets, stockpiling continues to intensify.

One would assume that industry giants are on cloud nine, but not everyone is pleased. Soaring demand has created an incredibly unstable market, and gun-makers have no idea how to respond. A similar boom in demand during the 2016 cycle led to an immediate bust after Election Day. Then, too, conservatives feared a President Hillary Clinton would enact new restrictions on firearm ownership. Those industry giants hired a wash of new workers to meet demand but, when Donald Trump (rather unexpectedly) won the day, those companies were forced affect major layoffs as their stock values dropped precipitously.

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