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Ivermectin and the Virus, by David Archibald

The drug Ivermectin has shown good results on Covid-19. From David Archibald at theburningplatform.com:

The efficacy of a drug has not been proven until the journal Nature has run a hit piece attacking it. For ivermectin, that was on 20th October, 2020.  So many people in South America are using ivermectin now that it is hard to recruit people for clinical trials on the virus.

Ivermectin was discovered in the late 1970s, in a program that tested thousands of soil samples around Japan. A sample from a golf course produced a molecule called avermectin, of which ivermectin is a synthetic derivative. It was approved for human use by the FDA in 1987, and has cured hundreds of millions of people from parasitic worm infections. It is also used to treat worms in farm animals, dogs and cats. Ivermectin is quite benign, with an 18 hour half-life in the body and a wide therapeutic window.

In April this year, a research group at Monash University found that ivermectin inhibited the Wuhan virus in vitro. So doctors in many parts of the world, for the want of anything at all to treat their patients, started using it — with good results.

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