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Attorney General Maura Healey Has Destroyed the Rule of Law in Massachusetts, by Yojimbo

The Attorney General of Massachusetts is simply rewriting gun law in that state to conform to her own anti-gun views. For some earlier background on this story from Yojimbo at theburningplatform.com, click here. For Yojimbo’s latest at theburningplatform.com:

Let’s face it. It must be oh-so-hard to write law on the fly to take away the civil rights from the citizens of an entire state, as Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has been attempting to do. One reason it is hard to do is that IT IS NOT HER JOB. Last time I checked, it was the job of the Massachusetts Legislature to write legislation.

But she has been trying very hard to craft legislation that strips citizens of the State from owning semi-automatic weapons with detachable magazines (the dreaded black scary “assault weapons”). That power must be reserved only for the State and its agents.

For those unaware of her tyrannical actions, the AG of Mass decided to “reinterpret” (that is her word) the Assault Weapons Bill to find an entirely new meaning to the law. For the past EIGHTEEN YEARS, there was a mutual understanding that “assault weapons” could not be purchased in Mass (the AR-15, AK-47, FN FAL, etc), but “Mass Compliant” versions could. These versions were lacking certain features that made them scary to Liberals. However, Maura Healey, singlehandedly and without consulting the legislature, decided that even Mass Compliant versions were assault weapons as well, and were illegal.

What she did was issue a Enforcement Notice which was so detailed, lengthy, and such a novel interpretation of the existing law that it was effectively a new law itself. Her office went to great lengths to try to write the new “law” so that the old law encompassed “similar or substantially similar” weapons, i.e. Mass Complaint versions.

The result of her Enforcement Notice? COMPLETE CONFUSION. No one knew what was legal to purchase or sell or transfer. No one knew if they were now felons for possessing the Mass Compliant versions. No one knew if local D.A.’s would go after them, even if AG Maura Healey said that she would not.

The confusion was so great, that she had to issue a Q&A page, which she would update. And for true Kafkaesque lunacy, here was the last line on her initial Enforcement Notice:

The AGO reserves the right to alter or amend this guidance.

Oh, OK, so the new “law” could change at a moment’s notice. AND IT HAS.

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