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Greenwashing The Ugly Truth: Box-Ticking ESG Investment Stupidity Exposed, by Bill Blain

The oceans and the life that inhabits them are being destroyed. From Bill Blain at MorningPorridge.com via zerohedge.com:

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will destroy the planet…”

Seaspiracy is a shocking, flawed, yet critical film. It should set the market thinking about what sustainability really means, addressing how we skirt the real issues on climate change and environmental degredation. It should provide a much-needed kick up the a**e to box-ticking ESG investment stupidity.

It’s the weekend, so I am allowed to have a rant…

If you haven’t yet watched Seaspiracy, the Netflix shock documentary about the global fishing industry – then I suggest you do. It is an impact film. It might just be the most important documentary you watch this year. If you think the global environment matters, and you aren’t watching what’s happening to the oceans, then you are looking in the wrong direction.

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