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Could the CIA be behind the leak of the Pandora Papers, given their curious lack of focus on US nationals? by Kit Klarenberg

Or maybe there are just no bad Americans in positions of power. From Kit Klarenberg at rt.com:

Hailed as shedding new light on the global elite’s complex financial arrangements, the Pandora Papers pose many questions – not least where are the Americans? Are the authors unwilling to bite the hidden hand that fed them?

On October 3, the Washington, DC-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) announced the leak of almost three terabytes of incriminating data on the use of offshore financial arrangements by celebrities, fraudsters, drug dealers, royal family members, and religious leaders the world over.

The ICIJ led what it called “the world’s largest-ever journalistic collaboration,” involving over 600 journalists from 150 media outlets in 117 countries, to comb through the trove of 12 million documents, dubbed the ‘Pandora Papers’.

Among other things, the data reveals the use of tax and financial secrecy havens “to purchase real estate, yachts, jets and life insurance; their use to make investments and to move money between bank accounts; estate planning and other inheritance issues; and the avoidance of taxes through complex financial schemes.” Some documents are also said to be tied to “financial crimes, including money laundering.”

While the publication of articles related to the documents’ bombshell contents is only in its early stages, the Consortium promises that the records contain “an unprecedented amount of information on so-called beneficial owners of entities registered in the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Belize, Panama, South Dakota and other secrecy jurisdictions,” with over 330 politicians and 130 Forbes billionaires named.

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“Pandora Papers” Leak Claims To Expose Hidden Wealth Allegedly Belonging To Putin, Other Foreign Leaders, by Tyler Durden

As Zero Hedge points out, these “blockbuster” revelations never seem to expose hidden wealth of American figures. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

t’s been a while since we have seen a massive leak exposing international tax shelters that offer a window into the hidden wealth of the global elite. Buzzfeed brought us the Fincen files a year ago, and before that, the Panama Papers, in early 2016 – leaked documents from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca – which offered a wealth of information that implicated foreign leaders (it even cost the leader of Iceland his job) including – of course – Russian Vladimir Putin.

Amusingly, though, these major leaks never seem to expose wealth held by American political leaders. And, so today, we have yet another leak, following the same pattern as the Panama Papers – dropping out of nowhere on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon – to expose foreign leaders from the Middle East and Eastern Europe, meaning there’s – you guessed it – another Putin connection

The biggest revelation from what the Washington Post is calling “the Pandora Papers” is that South Dakota “now rivals notoriously opaque jurisdictions in Europe and the Caribbean” as a haven for those in need of financial secrecy.

“Tens of millions of dollars from outside the US are now sheltered by trust companies in Sioux Falls, some of it tied to people and companies accused of human rights abuses and other wrongdoing.”

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