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New pure-bred ´Schrödinger-seizable´ euros, by Jorge Vilchas

The Europeans still want to pay Russia in a currency they can instantaneously seize. The Russians aren’t buying it. From Jorge Vilchas at thesaker.is:

The EU had already promoted and achieved all-around chaos regarding very simple yet absolutely essential trading terms urgently to be agreed with the Russian Federation. As if that were not enough, now adding fuel to the fire EU member countries continue to dangerously play their traditional fiddles while declaring that “ some contracts are holier than others, didn´t you know ? ” This daring criterion also means getting back to square one with an ever larger and riskier conflict while everybody´s patience is running thin. If Europe does not reverse course within a very limited time frame it will needlessly smash itself head-on against a very harsh reality. Once triggered, the subsequent uncontrolled demolition cannot rewind no matter how many desperate “emergency meetings” EU officials call for.

Ref # 1 https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2022/4/27/eu-warns-companies-not-to-buy-russian-gas-in-rubles

Ref # 2 https://www.euronews.com/my-europe/2022/04/28/eu-countries-paying-for-russian-gas-in-roubles-may-face-legal-action-warns-dombrovskis

ground-breaking EU criterion

The EU has now come up with a ground-breaking legal criterion that international jurisprudence should rapidly adhere to and possibly improve. Thus it could include it in Treaties and other important legislation and, in view of its apparent virtues, even apply it ex-post-facto such as in this case. By the way, with this new international flat-Earth public policy, the EU would be the only party entitled to unilaterally uphold some contracts and not others per its own wishes and convenience as if it were a God-given right. Not anybody else, no way. So Europe, supposedly the cradle of Western civilization, is now trying hard to earn “The Joker” award disregarding the livelihood of at least 800 million human beings plus serious negative impact upon the rest of the world. Granted, history will not be kind with EU leaders.

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