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The ‘Small’ Business Administration is now bigger than Walmart, by Simon Black

The Small Business Administration has $350 billion burning a hole in its pocket. Get your share before its gone. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

As you’ve probably already heard, the US government unleashed a giant tsunami of money on Friday, passing a $2 trillion stimulus bill to help boost the economy during the Covid pandemic.

Let’s put that number in context:

  • $2 trillion is more than it cost to wage 18+ years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • It’s nearly THREE times the size of the bailout from 2008.
  • It exceeds ALL corporate and individual income tax revenue collected by the IRS last year

We are clearly living in unprecedented times… and that this bailout is equally unprecedented.

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Among the bailout’s many provisions (which go on for more than EIGHT HUNDRED pages!) is a whopping $350 billion to the Small Businesses Administration.

The Small Business Administration is ordinarily a tiny federal agency. But this funding exceeds the budgets of the Army and Navy COMBINED. It’s 8x the size of the United States Marine Corps. It’s more than the entire market capitalization of Walmart.

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