The ‘Millionaire-Socialist-Class’ (Or, Why It’s Important To Be ‘For’ Rather Than ‘Against’ Something), by Davide Battistella

The “Millionaire-Socialist-Class” is distinguished for its hubris and hypocrisy, in both Europe and the US. From Davide Battistella at

I really admire America’s democracy. While many people have been pointing to greatness of European or Swedish societies, the fact remains that America, because of it’s unique constitution, is still the place on earth where people from any background can create any life they desire.

I have lived in North America and Europe for extended periods of time and an old world fact remains; that many European countries, like Italy, the one I lived in are still very much based on birthright and social class.

These “boxes” are well defined, so well defined that people inherently understand from a fairly early age that they are not simple things to break out of. Your liberty, or freedom, is based more on these factors than anything else. These preset confines are places where you will spend the rest of your life.

That is not sad for some people, but it is for those who perhaps fled to seek a better life in America, or to the millions of young Italians NOW who leave Italy with no hope of breaking the shackles of these entrenched classes. In Europe people are defined by their social class, education and politics in a way that does not allow much free movement or a life away from those positions. I equate the way these classes view people to the way they might scrutinize the purchase of a dog or a horse.

The educated and wealthy class in Europe carry a kind of entitlement that they can not help. It is embedded in their DNA. This same class, the result of a century of great success, has permeated large swaths of the left and right coasts in America, where upward mobility and “new thinking” have taken Americans away from their constitution and more into a place where they feel the need to join with their internet enabled brethren around the world as one “new voice” and “global community”, leaving behind, of course people with regular lives.

In recent years it seems that what some Americans had forgotten about their country are things like; liberty and the fact that America is a true meritocracy where you can overcome. These are the prevailing ideas which brought America to define itself and it’s place in the world. The people who claim this superiority may have also forgotten that while they may be “driving the new American thinking”, the engine is still made up of of the 40 or so states between those left and right coasts.

The class of “millionaire socialists” might be the most dangerous of all of these creatures. These are the educated entitled class who tend to shift their publicly stated left leaning values toward what feels right at the time. These are the kind of folks who preach about public education but send their own kids to private schools, the folks who are “environmentalists” who fly private jets. They embrace every benefit of capitalism while denouncing it.

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2 responses to “The ‘Millionaire-Socialist-Class’ (Or, Why It’s Important To Be ‘For’ Rather Than ‘Against’ Something), by Davide Battistella

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  2. After writing the following, I seriously considered just leaving it in my ‘blowing off steam file’. Then I encountered the Charles Walz missive. So, pardon my cynicism realism, but . . .

    “When President Obama described the election as intramural sports he made a great analogy.”
    Sports analogies can be useful for describing politics, but they will lead to fatal errors in understanding politics. That is because politics, in our philosophically deranged era, is not sport. Politics is war. Sport is competition, conducted, limited and decided by rules, between opponents who, although they may skirt, evade, press the bounds of, and sometimes even break rules, all ultimately agree upon and respect the rules. War is essentially conflict over rules and who makes them. Those who comprehend and exploit this present state of affairs, e.g. Obama and the rich socialists, will always prevail over those naive enough to believe such political adversaries, that is to say enemies, will respect any other than the first – and only – rule of war: Subdue the enemy, by whatever means necessary.

    “Don’t be a part of the destruction gang, get with the construction crew.”
    Sometimes destruction is required before construction can proceed.


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