Nice Government Ya Got Here, Shame If Something Happened to It, by Revanchist

Revanchist at explains the UK’s peculiar history and how it lead to its peculiar governance:

The dust of the snap election hasn’t settled though it no longer chokes me as it did on the day. I didn’t care to read the cheering from liberals and the jeering of the rest of the world, so disconnected the landline and did useful things like stacking firewood and tending the garden.

The air up here on blustery days is like being popped in the chops with a wet mackerel, but when the sun appears the breeze is sweet and clean and scented with fifty-thousand shades of green. From this height I can peek through my fingers and watch the world unspool. From this remove I can take the consensus experience of life just the way I like it: in small, controlled doses.

My shelter is a stone cottage with rising damp and falling plaster. My sitting room door is older than America. I heat one room with a cast-iron wood burner and dry my clothes on a line strung above it. I don’t travel. Don’t dine out. Carry no debt. Take no dole. Own no mobile phone, television or alarm clock. I earn below the poverty line so pay nothing to Inland Revenue; this suits me since I won’t contribute to a system which exists these days only to self-replicate like slime mould.

I live at a pace that would drive a barnacle to join Netflix, yet a fortnight and change ago some very determined men drove up my hill in lowest gear, knocked on the door and accused me of inciting racial hatred on the Internet. Come to think of it, something similar happened to another contributor here but I heard they freaked out and stopped posting. Lightweight.

Privacy online is now only a matter of degree even for a troglodyte like me. My question is why it took me so long to see that. My loss is that their visit has knocked a little luster from a cherished axiom, obscurity is the new security. My gain is that I lost a little more naïveté.

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