Oh, So You Think Exponents Don’t Matter? by Karl Denninger

For the record, SLL is not part of the crowd which thinks that exponents do not matter. From Karl Denninger at theburningplatform.com:

For roughly 75 years — since WWII — our “governing masters” — whether they be Fed officials, elected politicians or otherwise have run this general line of crap that indefinite forward expansion is not only possible, it’s likely and good.

As I pointed out in Leverage, and have made a lot of noise in regard to both before and since, that’s a lie.  It’s a knowing, provable lie, which can be easily demonstrated using nothing more than basic mathematics.

You see, this rock we live on has fixed size, mass and resource.  It is very large, and its resources are vast, but neither is infinite and yet that’s the requirement for indefinite forward compound expansion to be possible.

We therefore argue not over whether such a paradigm is possible, but merely over when the failure to do so will be recognized, and who will recognize it first.  Will it be recognized because some material subset of the population figures it out and decides to stop participating, or will it be recognized by hitting the wall on a societal basis resulting in the deaths of billions?

Then there are the secondary issues, such as will those who promoted this lie be held to account and, if so, how?  Will it through some sort of civil process, or will it be much less lawful and much more-violent?  Most-likely will be some combination; there will be places where civility will remain and due process respected, and then there will be places where it will not.

There are many charlatans who think they can argue for this or that means of evasion — becoming an expat, for example, or hiding in a hobbit hole somewhere.

But I argue that among some reasonable subset of the population, at least in the United States and a number of other developed countries, recognition has already come — quietly — to very substantial subsets of the people.

To continue reading: Oh, So You Think Exponents Don’t Matter?


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