Hillary Clinton Lied, Paid For “Trump Dossier”, by Tyler Durden

The Washington Post has reported that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign paid for the infamous “Trump Dossier.” This Zero Hedge article makes extensive reference to that story, and to an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal concerning the FBI’s Russian investigations by Holman W. Jenkins Jr. There are links to both articles in the Zero Hedge article. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

What was previously widely suspected has now been confirmed. In its latest bombshell report that – for once – doesn’t include some nefarious allegations of wrongdoing or incompetence involving President Donald Trump or members of his administration, the Washington Post reported Tuesday that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign jointly financed the creation of the infamous “Trump dossier,” which helped inspire the launch of the floundering investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

Though neither the DNC nor the Clinton campaign worked directly with former British spy Christopher Steele as he compiled the document, the fact that Democrats funded the dossier – which includes information primarily gleaned from sources in Russia – ironically suggests the Democrats indirectly leveraged Russian sources to try and spread information of dubious veracity about a political opponent to try and sway an election.

Sound familiar?

Even though the scandalous accusations contained within the dossier weren’t made public until after the vote, presumably waiting to see what foot the shoe would end up on, this would’ve provided serious grist for the collusion narrative, which we imagine would’ve been stretched to include the entire Republican establishment as accomplices.

While it’s impossible to determine exactly how much money was spent on the dossier, the Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie – the law firm of Clinton superattorney Marc Elias – $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016, according to campaign finance records, and the DNC paid the firm $3.6 million in “legal and compliance consulting’’ since Nov. 2015. Some of that money was presumably used to pay for the dossier.

Fusion GPS’s work researching Trump began during the Republican presidential primaries when an unidentified GOP donor reportedly hired the firm to dig into Trump’s background. The Republicans who were involved in the early stages of Fusion’s efforts have not yet been identified. Fusion GPS did not start off looking at Trump’s Russia ties, but quickly realized that those relationships would be a fruitful place to start, WaPo reported.

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7 responses to “Hillary Clinton Lied, Paid For “Trump Dossier”, by Tyler Durden

  1. “The punchline: it’s not the Clintons that should be looked at, at least not at first – their time will come. It’s the FBI:”
    So, basically, is Mueller’s main job to destroy/hide all these illegal activities(including his) pretending to go after Trump?
    And if Hillary had won, would all of the evidence simply have disappeared? Any jail time really a consideration?


    • My next article will have a lot more to say about this, but I think there’s a very real possibility that Hillary Clinton will be indicted and ultimately convicted. I think she’s being thrown under the bus by her former supporters/protectors, for a variety of reason.


      • A consummation, as the saying goes, devoutly to be wished, but if she actually has become too much of a liability, I think it’s more likely that she will die of “”natural”” (sneer quotes, of course – how’s that for a typographic meme?) causes, and be transmogrified into a liberal-progressive icon / martyr / saint.


  2. Nam Vet 0331 Marine Grunt

    I was watching Hillary on TV at a recent book tour interview explaining aggressively WHAT HAPPENED!

    She was especially heavily made up and when asked about the recent uranium scandal spoke confidently and dismissively about the same old “baloney” being used to accuse her of corruption.

    Hmmm…if I was Hillary…I would not lean out any windows…and I would fire all the eunuchs she seems to have surrounded herself with.



  3. Nam Vet 0331 Marine Grunt

    I think all the flying monkeys are puckering!


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