Mueller Is Investigating Tony Podesta’s Ties To Manafort Lobbying Campaign, by Tyler Durden

It’s hard to see how Robert Mueller can investigate Paul Manafort for his work with the Russians without investigating Democratic heavyweight Tony Podesta for doing the same thing. From Tyler Durden at

In the past, we’ve claimed on numerous occasions that powerful Democrats have as many – if not more – links to Russian business, government and oligarch interests, and that if special counsel Robert Mueller would only investigate, he might discover evidence of collusion between the Clintons and their powerful allies on a level of that recently brought down former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Fast forward to earlier this week when the whole world was focusing on the indictments of Manafort and his Deputy Rick Gates, one powerful Democratic lobbyist, whose firm it was soon revealed was cited as “company A” in the Manafort indictment, decided Monday might be a good time to leave the company bearing his name. The reason? His firm worked on a Ukrainian lobbying campaign organized by Manafort’s firm.

 At the time, we predicted that Podesta stepping down was only the beginning, and the other shoe would soon drop.

Podesta Group is next

Just a few days later, that tweet proved eerily prescient, because as the Associated Press reported earlier this evening, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Tony Podesta for his role in lobbying on behalf of the Russian-aligned former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich.

Along with Podesta, the AP reports that Mueller is also examining Mercury LLC, the lobbying firm of Vin Weber, a former GOP congressman, for its role in lobbying on behalf of the European Centre for a Modern (ECMU) Ukraine – the Manafort-organized campaign for which the former Trump confidant was indicted on charges he failed to properly report his work on behalf of a foreign government.

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One response to “Mueller Is Investigating Tony Podesta’s Ties To Manafort Lobbying Campaign, by Tyler Durden

  1. After seeing the investigation job Comey did on HRC servergate etc, excuse me I’m still jaded. I want to hope something is forthcoming, but the Swamp has a way of burying its nastiest residents. He seems to fit that profile.

    I want to believe, I really, really do. Changing their name also gave me some hope.


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