The Texas Shooting Confirms Exactly What The NRA Has Been Advocating All Along, by Duane Norman

Enforcement of existing law would have stopped the Texas shooter from getting his guns, and if semi-automatic rifles were banned, the man who shot the Texas shooter wouldn’t have had the gun he used to shoot him. From Duane Norman at

The massacre at Sutherland Springs, Texas occurred around 11:20AM CST, and before the day was out (and the facts surrounding the incident were in), liberals had once again renewed their calls for gun control.  Leading the charge was former President Obama, who waited less than eight hours before restarting the failed gun control push which earned him the title “Gun Salesman of the Year“:

He was hardly alone; joining in his chorus were New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr, and a slew of Congressional Democrats, none of whom bothered to wait until more facts on the incident were available.

As it turns out, there is one thing that could have prevented this incident, and it’s something the NRA (in particular, CEO Wayne LaPierre) has been repeating for years:

They should enforce existing gun laws against the people who commit crimes, and they don’t do it.”

Even after news leaked that the shooter had received a dishonorable and/or bad conduct discharge from the US Air Force (which would function the same as a felony conviction and preclude him from owning a gun)…

…liberals still tried to claim the shooter could legally own a firearm…

…and the next day, the Air Force silenced everyone – the shooter committed a domestic assault against his wife and infant stepson (cracking his stepson’s skull), which precluded him from legally owning a gun.  So if he wasn’t able to pass a background check, how did he get the weapon he used in the attack?

You guessed it – the government didn’t properly enforce the existing laws, just as LaPierre has stated time and again.

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One response to “The Texas Shooting Confirms Exactly What The NRA Has Been Advocating All Along, by Duane Norman

  1. Last I checked, there were plenty of laws against shooting people because you don’t like their religion. How about just enforcing those? More to the point, how about getting rid of all the laws which do nothing more than make it difficult or impossible for ordinary people to have the means to enforce those laws against murder? And anyone who bleats about people taking the law into their own hands needs to get their head out of their ass and around the reality that those laws aren’t going to be enforced unless people do it, because the government damn sure hasn’t got the slightest interest in enforcing any “laws” other than those which increase the power and pelf of the government.


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