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The Texas Shooting Confirms Exactly What The NRA Has Been Advocating All Along, by Duane Norman

Enforcement of existing law would have stopped the Texas shooter from getting his guns, and if semi-automatic rifles were banned, the man who shot the Texas shooter wouldn’t have had the gun he used to shoot him. From Duane Norman at fmshooter.com:

The massacre at Sutherland Springs, Texas occurred around 11:20AM CST, and before the day was out (and the facts surrounding the incident were in), liberals had once again renewed their calls for gun control.  Leading the charge was former President Obama, who waited less than eight hours before restarting the failed gun control push which earned him the title “Gun Salesman of the Year“:

He was hardly alone; joining in his chorus were New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr, and a slew of Congressional Democrats, none of whom bothered to wait until more facts on the incident were available.

As it turns out, there is one thing that could have prevented this incident, and it’s something the NRA (in particular, CEO Wayne LaPierre) has been repeating for years:

They should enforce existing gun laws against the people who commit crimes, and they don’t do it.”

Even after news leaked that the shooter had received a dishonorable and/or bad conduct discharge from the US Air Force (which would function the same as a felony conviction and preclude him from owning a gun)…

…liberals still tried to claim the shooter could legally own a firearm…

…and the next day, the Air Force silenced everyone – the shooter committed a domestic assault against his wife and infant stepson (cracking his stepson’s skull), which precluded him from legally owning a gun.  So if he wasn’t able to pass a background check, how did he get the weapon he used in the attack?

You guessed it – the government didn’t properly enforce the existing laws, just as LaPierre has stated time and again.

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Time To Cut the Crap On Guns, by Karl Denninger

In his inimitable style Karl Denninger lays into the gun controllers. From Denninger at theburningplatform.com:

I’m going to make this quite-clear — just in case you haven’t figured it out yet.The US Military failed to adhere to the law and did not report a disqualifying conviction to the FBI, which would have prevented the Texas Church Shooter from buying firearms through legal channels.  That man cracked open the skull of his infant child and beat his wife severely enough that he was tried by court martial, sentenced to military prison and then expelled from the service with a Bad Conduct discharge.

Under the UCMJ the failure to report this to the FBI as required by military regulations and thus cause it to be entered into the NICS databases so civilian agencies have proper notice of a disqualifying criminal conviction is a clear breach of a duty, and that is an offense.

Every single person involved in that failure must stand for Courts Martial or equivalent military tribunal for said dereliction of duty and effectively be made to answer as accessories before the fact to the murders that man committed, and be punished as provided under the UCMJ, including imprisonment for same.

That’s justice folks, and it had ******n better re-appear and be applied not only here but to myriad other scams and abuses including Comey and what we now know he drafted as his “findings” regarding Clinton, which used language that compelled him to issue a criminal referral for her violations of the law relating to classified information.

Now let me point out something else, since those on the left are again screaming about  “gun control” and “gun safety.”

civilian, not a police officer, stopped this attack.  He did so by grabbing his rifle, an “evil” AR-15 the left wishes to ban, engaging the shooter.  He hit him twice and forced him to flee.  He then chased the shooter down at nearly 100mph in a car driven by a second civilian until the shooter crashed at which point the shooter committed suicide (to prevent apprehension, obviously.)

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America Breaks Down: The Anatomy of a National Nervous Breakdown, by John W. Whitehead

As anxiety, fueled by tragedies like the Las Vegas and Texas church shooting massacres, stages an upside breakout, so too does government power and overreach. From John W. Whitehead at rutherford.org:

Another shooting, another day in America.

Or so it seems.

With alarming regularity, the nation is being subjected to a spate of violence that terrorizes the public, destabilizes the country’s fragile ecosystem, and gives the government greater justifications to crack down, lock down, and institute even more authoritarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry.

Take this latest mass shooting that took place at a small church in a small Texas town.

The lone gunman—a former member of the Air Force—was dressed all in black, wearing body armor, a tactical vest and a mask, and firing an assault rifle.

Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old gunman, was described as a “regular guy” by those who knew him.

This “regular” guy’s shooting rampage left at least 26 people.

President Trump and the Governor of Texas have chalked the shooting up to mental illness.

That may well be the case here.

Still, there’s something to be said for the fact that this shooting bore many of the same marks of other recent attacks: the gunman appeared out of the blue without triggering any alarms, he was dressed like a soldier or militarized police officer, he was armed with military-style weapons and clearly trained in the art of killing, and the attacker died before any insight could be gained into his motives.

As usual, we’re left with more questions than answers and a whole lot more fear and anxiety.

That sense of unease is growing.

How do you keep a nation safe when not even seemingly “safe places” like churches and rock concerts and shopping malls are immune from violence?

The government’s answer, as always, will lead us further down the road we’ve travelled since 9/11 towards totalitarianism and away from freedom.

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Here’s the Story about the Texas Church Shooting Gun Control Advocates Don’t Want You to Hear, by Daisy Luther

The gun control laws we have didn’t prevent the Texas church shooter from illegally acquiring firearms and shooting up a church congregation, and the gun control laws the gun controllers want would have prevented the man who shot the shooter from owning the rifle (a semi-automatic AR-15) he used. From Daisy Luther at theorganicprepper.com:

By now, everyone has heard about the horrific shooting yesterday in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in which a man dressed in tactical gear entered the First Baptist Church and opened fire. 26 people were killed and 20 others were injured.

Of course, the tears were still wet on people’s cheeks when the anti-gun folks began screaming for gun control. Chelsea Handler, struggling to be relevant, made this ignorant Tweet:

If the pro-gun control people want to blame someone besides the man in there pulling the trigger, the man who illegally got a weapon, maybe they should look in the mirror. Maybe they should consider their own complicity in making guns more difficult for law-abiding citizens to carry. Maybe they should look at their part in this war on guns and gun owners. Perhaps their derision played a part in seeing to it that no one in that church had the means to stop that killer.

If these folks had their way, none of us would be allowed to be armed…except, of course, the criminals who wouldn’t follow the laws anyway. The New York Times published an op-ed solemnly titled, “It’s Not Too Soon to Debate Gun Control” immediately on the heels of the shooting. Okay. If that’s what you want, then here’s my side of the debate. And it’s based on facts, not on emotional rhetoric.

Let’s be honest. The person to blame for this tragedy was the shooter.

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