Bob Lutz is Senile . . . Let’s Hope, by Eric Peters

Remember when visions of the future were optimistic, even utopian, filled with projections of progress? No more. Bob Lutz’s vision of the future sounds unintentionally Orwellian (most visions of the future these days are intentionally Orwellian). From Eric Peters at

The only rational explanation for Bob Lutz’ recent column predicting the imminent doom of autonomous cars – and of autonomous driving – is senile dementia.

Or something much worse.

See the picture above – of him with Elon Musk.

Lutz writes that within 20 years, at the most, every autonomous car will be scrapped or taken off the road – and that everyone will be herded, like cattle, into automated “modules,” as he describes them – to be summoned by app and paid for via debt/credit card.

These “modules” will, of course, be electric.

Here’s Bob . . .

“The end state,” according to Lutz, will be the fully automated modules (he uses autonomous, which is the acme of illiteracy; I have made the appropriate substitution) with no capability for the driver to exercise command. You will call for it, it will arrive at your location, you’ll get in, input your destination and go to the freeway.”

Human-driven vehicles “will be legislated off the highways.”

Whisk! Just like that.

No more car companies. Or dealers. No car lots – new or used.

No motorcycles, either.

Just transportation service providers dunning us per ride, like Uber and Lyft – except without the option to opt out.

Car brands – especially performance car brands like BMW and Audi and Porsche – will become irrelevant and go away because the “modules” will all be the same. One electric motor being just like the next one.

And they will go the same, too.

No more autonomous movement. Just queuing up. One “module” among many, all moving at the same pace – and not your pace.

“Nobody will be passing anybody else on the highway,” Lutz explains. Everyone will be driven at the same speed, that speed to be determined by the central government-corporate hive.

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One response to “Bob Lutz is Senile . . . Let’s Hope, by Eric Peters

  1. Let us hope, as the author offers, that Lusk is, at a minimum, wrong.

    To be proven wrong, the current philosophical/moral/political catechism must be rejected. Specifically, that the values each of us freely remain able to choose, must not be chosen on our behalf, either for our own good or for the good of the rest of us.

    If said catechism is not rejected – rejected by rational discourse, then I am afraid Lusk may become seen as having been prescient, along with Rand, Orwell, and a growing list of others.



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