Mueller “Improperly” Obtained “Tens of Thousands” Of Trump Transition Emails, by Tyler Durden

The Mueller investigation may have obtained Trump transition team emails from the General Services Administration, which may not have had the authority to release them. From Tyler Durden at

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has taken possession of “many tens of thousands” of emails from the Trump transition team, obtained through the General Services Administration – the government agency responsible for hosting the transition email system which used a “” address, and which according to a Trump lawyer were improperly obtained through “unlawful conduct.”

The trove of documents, which includes sensitive emails to and from Trump son-in-law and top advisor Jared Kushner, comprise 12 email accounts – one of which reportedly contains around 7,000 emails. Mueller’s team has reportedly been using the emails as the basis for witness interviews, sources tell Axios.

 The transition emails are said to include sensitive exchanges on matters that include potential appointments, gossip about the views of particular senators involved in the confirmation process, speculation about vulnerabilities of Trump nominees, strategizing about press statements, and policy planning on everything from war to taxes. –Axios

Mueller is using the emails to confirm things, and get new leads,” a transition source adds.

FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller III

Transition officials had reportedly pre-sorted emails in anticipation of Mueller’s investigation, separating “privileged” communications from the rest of the cache, and sources say they were surprised to learn of Mueller’s use of the emails – as they have been fully cooperative with the special counsel investigation. “They ask us to waive NDAs [nondisclosure agreements] and things like that,” a second source said. “We have never said ‘no’ to anything.

Tranistion team lawyer Kory Langhofer says the Special Counsel obtained the documents through “unlawful conduct” by the General Services Administration, reports Fox News.

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3 responses to “Mueller “Improperly” Obtained “Tens of Thousands” Of Trump Transition Emails, by Tyler Durden

  1. Since Mueller and his team appear to be the main criminals involved in this investigative charade, I am wondering how many might not remain to testify against a certain group of recent governmental retirees. I am assuming that there is some damning info in at least a few of the 1.2 million documents available to the OIG and that all of this can not be dismissed/lost/whatever.


  2. Ashes, ashes, they all fall down. LMAO


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