Top Five Reasons Not to Vote, by Doug Casey

Democracy is mob rule, and voting simply ratifies it. From Doug Casey at

Democracy is vastly overrated.

It’s not like the consensus of a bunch of friends agreeing to see the same movie. Most often, it boils down to a kinder and gentler variety of mob rule, dressed in a coat and tie. The essence of positive values like personal liberty, wealth, opportunity, fraternity, and equality lies not in democracy, but in free minds and free markets where government becomes trivial. Democracy focuses people’s thoughts on politics, not production; on the collective, not on their own lives.

Although democracy is just one way to structure a state, the concept has reached cult status; unassailable as political dogma. It is, as economist Joseph Schumpeter observed, “a surrogate faith for intellectuals deprived of religion.” Most of the founders of America were more concerned with liberty than democracy. Tocqueville saw democracy and liberty as almost polar opposites.

Democracy can work when everyone concerned knows one another, shares the same values and goals, and abhors any form of coercion. It is the natural way of accomplishing things among small groups.

But once belief in democracy becomes a political ideology, it’s necessarily transformed into majority rule. And, at that point, the majority (or even a plurality, a minority, or an individual) can enforce their will on everyone else by claiming to represent the will of the people.

The only form of democracy that suits a free society is economic democracy in the laissez-faire form, where each person votes with his money for what he wants in the marketplace. Only then can every individual obtain what he wants without compromising the interests of any other person. That’s the polar opposite of the “economic democracy” of socialist pundits who have twisted the term to mean the political allocation of wealth.

But many terms in politics wind up with inverted meanings. “Liberal” is certainly one of them.

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2 responses to “Top Five Reasons Not to Vote, by Doug Casey

  1. I used to respect Casey. No longer.
    I used to be an anarcho-libertarian like him. No longer.
    What happens when all the high IQ “play by the rules,” open people eschew voting? The parasites flood in. The “can’t-do’s” vote in droves to asset strip those high-minded, productive libertarians.
    Abandoning the political zone means utter destruction to me and mine.

    Screw yourself, Doug. Your BS leads people to sign up for their own destruction. The only other alternative is to raise the black flag and literally go to war.

    I’d rather vote, and hold at least faint hope that the future does not entail house-to-house warfare the likes of which could eclipse Rwanda.


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