Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists, by xeroxero

For those who wonder about the labels affixed to various “right-wing” groups, here’s a pretty good guide. The article mentions Western Rifle Shooters Association, which regularly carries SLL articles authored by Robert Gore. From xeroxero at cascadefreezone.com:

I have been a long time reader and occasional commentator on a wide variety of right-wing web sites since the mid 1990s. The first, and for a long time the largest right-wing forums were run for, and populated by. self-described “patriots”.   These people self-identified with the US flag, the US Constitution, the US military, US history and the disappearing Mayberry America of a bygone era.

After a while, and in response to the continued misbehavior of the Federal government at the Waco and Ruby Ridge atrocities, a more radical subset of the patriot right came into existence, and created their own sites.  The “Three Percent” or “Threeper” sites were some of the first supporting this tendency.  The long-running Western Rifle Shooters Association(WRSA) has became,  over time,  home-base for the “armed patriot” right faction, in the same way that Free Republic has long been the home for the less militant patriots.

A lot of emphasis at WRSA has always been put on military training, building skill in arms, self-sufficiency and prepping for the “Shit Hit The Fan” moment many see in the future.  A popular motto seen frequently on WRSA nicely encapsulates the difference in emphasis between the “armed patriots” and the more politically oriented participants on Free Republic: “we aren’t going to vote our way out of this”.

Meanwhile there has also been in America for many years a very blunt and race-obsessed  far-right faction.  As the web has grown they have created and maintained their own sites on the internet, for a couple decades at this point.  “Ethnic nationalist” is probably the most neutral term one can use to describe them.   “White nationalist” is the more common description, and “alt-right” is the term that was created in an attempt to rebrand, what some have called “White Nationalism 2.0” or WN 2.0.   Over the last 5 years the race-focused right-wing web sites have multiplied, and sharpened their arguments while jettisoning (in most cases) a lot of the alienating iconography of the past (Confederate, KKK and Nazi costumes, in particular.)

And there it stood for most of the last two decades.  The patriot right (people like those at Free Republic and WRSA)  wanted nothing to do with their disreputable right-wing cousins, those white nationalist crazies at Stormfront or the Daily Stormer.  The patriot right have always hated the Nazi flag,  dislike the KKK, and for the most part have believed in the MLK “I have a dream” vision of America.

To continue reading: Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists


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