Mazda’s Solution That Works . . . If Uncle Will Allow It, by Eric Peters

Once you start counting the emissions and energy burned in the power plants that supply the electricity, electric car’s environmental benefits have been way oversold. Now Mazda has a extraordinarily efficient diesel/gas hybrid engine that will be cleaner than electric cars, if the energy electric cars take from grid is accounted for.  Watch the video, the technology is pretty damn exciting. From Eric Peters at

f you were counting calories, would you exclude the deep-fried shell of the taco you’re planning to eat?

Probably not – unless you weren’t really counting calories.

What has this to do with cars? A lot, it turns out. In particular, electric cars – which are touted as being “zero emissions” cars. For the most part, this is like not counting some of the calories you consume.

You are only fooling yourself.

Utility plants use fossil fuels to generate electricity, which generates emissions.

 Including the newly minted one, carbon dioxide. Which didn’t used to be considered an “emission,” because it’s not. It is of course emitted – whether at the tailpipe or the smokestack – but C02 hasn’t got anything to do with air pollution or people’s health, which used to be the criteria for designating a byproduct of human activity a pollutant.

And the justification for regulating it.

Carbon dioxide has been lumped in with harmful to both air quality and to people’s health compounds precisely because those compounds have been all-but-eliminated and are no longer a public health or air quality worry.

A new hobby horse had to found – in order to justify the continuation (and expansion) of regulation.

But more on that in a moment.

 If carbon dioxide is an “emission,” then certainly the output of C02 from utility plants that  generate the electricity which powers electric cars ought to be factored into the total “calorie count.”

This is Mazda’s entirely reasonable argument, at any rate.

Mazda is the only major automaker not jumping on the electric car bandwagon – which is more like the electric car cliff. As in Pied Piper and rats headed toward. Instead, Mazda is focusing on internal combustion engines which are not only exceptionally “clean” – they are cleaner than electric cars.

One response to “Mazda’s Solution That Works . . . If Uncle Will Allow It, by Eric Peters

  1. Just what we need, a less reliable technology that is unproven, and likely to be excruciatingly expensive to repair.


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