Why the Environmental Left Is Secretly Petrified by Truly Renewable Energy, by Justin Haskins

Truly renewable energy from nuclear fusion would allow more people to live, and live better. That, believe or not, has environmentalists worried. From Justin Haskins at americanthinker.com:

The hypocrisy of the environmental left is well documented: Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the other Hollywood eco-saints travel far and wide in their gas-guzzling limos and private jets to preach the importance of riding bicycles and to spread the gospel of wind and solar power.  However, perhaps more astounding than their “green life for thee, but not for me” lifestyle is the reality that environmental radicals, despite all their hollering to the contrary, don’t actually want truly cheap and renewable energy.  In fact, the creation of affordable, clean, widely available energy is one of their greatest fears.

On March 9, a team from MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems announced in the academic journal Nature that they are closer than ever to making nuclear fusion a reality.  If successful, nuclear fusion would provide incredibly cheap, environmentally friendly energy to the world – and the researchers believe that the technology could be ready for a commercial rollout in as few as fifteen years.

As Fox News noted in a recent report on the potential discovery, “[n]uclear fusion is the be-all and end-all source of energy because, in theory, it’s practically unlimited and has almost no downside.  It doesn’t put carbon into the atmosphere like the burning of fossil fuels or generate radioactive waste like nuclear fission, which is the technology in current nuclear power plants.”

If nuclear fusion is achieved, it will in relatively short order render much of the existing energy market useless.  Many traditional power plants would close.  Carbon dioxide emissions would be cut dramatically in countries with enough wealth to build nuclear fusion plants.  Billions of people would have access to affordable energy that they never had before.

This scenario might sound as though it’s every environmentalist’s paradise, but there’s more to leftist environmentalism than obsessing about global warming.  For many on the left, growing human population sizes and their effect on the environmental is also a very serious concern.  For instance, in his population control book Ten Billion, environmentalist Stephen Emmott wrote, “Only an idiot would deny that there is a limit to how many people our Earth can support.  The question is, is it seven billion (our current population), 10 billion or 28 billion?  I think we’ve already gone past it. Well past it.”

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2 responses to “Why the Environmental Left Is Secretly Petrified by Truly Renewable Energy, by Justin Haskins

  1. We’re this () close. again or is it still

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  2. “Billions of people would have access to affordable energy that they never had before.”
    With affordable energy could come prosperity–>make it harder for the globalists’ chains to attain control. Maybe.

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