Guns and the left’s war on freedom, by Peter Morici

Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control. From Peter Morici at

American democracy is under siege, and gun control is at the very center of the left’s war on all our freedoms and its agenda for an America in the mold of European socialism.

Facts — terrible massacres in strict gun control jurisdictions like Connecticut and France — have no place in fashioning the left’s gun regulatory proposals. Every horrific shooting is followed by demands for draconian restrictions on gun ownership without reasonable evidence that those measures can’t be circumvented by would be mass shooters.

The establishment GOP in Congress, just as it has on entitlements, taxes and a host of other issues, reverts to the mistake of offering compromises without strict conditions. Over and over again, it falls into the error of believing just one more concession will buy peace with the left but it can’t.

 For the executive class of the professional left, a victory on one issue — for example, gay marriage — requires finding another — transgender rights. The civil rights movement must keep alive racism, sexism and white male privilege, no matter the progress of society, or its leaders would have to find honest work.

I have never owned a gun and have fired one only once — at the age of 5, my Sicilian grandmother lifted me up to pull the trigger at a Coney Island shooting gallery. I don’t feel gun ownership is necessary to secure my masculinity — something I am entitled to cultivate even if the liberals at my university enforce the notion in curriculum and public speech that it is the source of all injustice.

However, I am convinced it is impossible to make guns too difficult for would-be shooters to obtain. Even if the government made all gun ownership illegal and could confiscate the 350 million plus guns in circulation, a deranged shooter could make an AR-15 and ammunition with a 3D printer.

Similarly, it is impossible to arm and train American school teachers or harden schools to make those fully safe — unless we surrounded schools with barbwire fences, watch towers and guards armed with machine guns.

America is not Israel, where school teachers believe terrorists can be stopped by a well-trained educator holding a semi-automatic. Rather, American teachers are organized into unions that believe more entitlement spending and supporting Black Lives Matters’ anti-police agenda are vital to ending mass shootings.

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2 responses to “Guns and the left’s war on freedom, by Peter Morici

  1. Robert: Saw this jewel this morning over at WRSA, from a piece by Oleg Volk:

    “If I were to say to you, “A well-educated population, being necessary to the productivity of a free state, the right of the people to read and write, shall not be infringed,” would you take that to mean that people can only read and write if doing so is in service of the state? Or only because the State desires a well-educated population?

    Would you conclude from this statement that the right of the people to read and write is a collective right, not an individual right?

    Would you accept restrictions on your ability to read and write because doing so does not serve the State?

    Would you insist that only government employees be allowed to read and write?”

    IMHO, a brilliant response to anyone speaking against the 2nd Amendment.


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