Estonia Expands Massive DNA Grab Of 100,000 Citizens, by Tyler Durden

New developments in surveillance technology and practices are coming in from all over the globe, and so fast they’re hard to keep up with. Estonia breaks new ground in DNA tagging. From Tyler Durden at

Alarm bells are ringing in Northern Europe, over the Estonian government’s latest attempt to take a massive number of genetic samples from its citizens.

Science, technology, and a government have usually been the perfect trifecta in every dystopian sci-fi thriller, as elected/unelected officials tend to gravitate towards all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful — over the mindless masses who unknowingly surrender their freedoms for comfort.

This seems to already be the case in the tiny former Soviet nation of Estonia, as its leaders have pushed for all things digital. The government has made it a top priority to embrace blockchain technology, provide internet access to all, and embark on the complete digitization of its citizens on one large platform — all owned by the government. So, it comes as no surprise, when the Estonian government has been quick to move in the creation of a biological database that collects DNA sequences of its citizen. Through mass surveillance programs, Estonian government will not only know what their citizens are searching on the internet, but will also have the knowledge of personal genetic information: ancestry charts, genetic composition, health history, and anything else that can be extracted from an Estonian’s double helix. So much knowledge in one organization is absolutely terrifying.

Starting immediately, the Estonian government will publicly launch the program to recruit and genotype 100,000 residents of the country as part of its National Personalized Medicine campaign. In the first run, the government projects an eight percent DNA grab of its total population. If successful, all indications are pointing to more massive grabs, as government officials are racing to construct its national DNA database.

The genetic testing initiative is a joint development program of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the National Institute for Health Development and the Estonian Genome Center of the University of Tartu, which currently maintains the nation’s DNA database of around 50,000 citizens.

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One response to “Estonia Expands Massive DNA Grab Of 100,000 Citizens, by Tyler Durden

  1. I’m supposed to be worried about Estonia when the USG watches every email or cellphone message or employs our allies to spy on US citizens in the USA while we do the same for them in return? The USG has the fingerprints of most Americans on file and they probably have DNA samples too.

    But hell I’m not worried about that. When is the last time you had an audit session with the IRS. Now that is worse than a truth or dare session with your mother in law.


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