Elon Musk: Production Hell or Party Balloons? Pick One. By David Wallace

Elon Musk may be the smartest man who ever lived (he probably thinks he is), but even a hypergenius couldn’t juggle all the balls he’s got in the air. From David Wallace at americanthinker.com:

Is Elon Musk – the recipient of over five billion government dollars – really the focused workhorse he proclaims to be, or is he nothing more than a taxpayer-subsidized, scatterbrained mess hopelessly trying to make his science fiction dreams into reality?

Wall Street is now largely betting against Tesla, which has consistently missed Model 3 production deadline after Model 3 production deadline.  Some believe that the company is nearing its make-or-break moment.

To prove private-sector investment houses like Goldman Sachs wrong, Musk claims he is going through “production hell,” working at all hours to quench Tesla’s backlog bug.  According to him, he moves his desk to wherever the most pressing Tesla problems are.  Musk also claims to sleep on the Tesla factory floor at night, which prompted his all-believers to start a GoFundMe page to finance a couch for the billionaire.

Musk wants you to think he is a busy bee laser-focused on the mission at hand.  But if Musk is truly so engrossed in meeting his Tesla deadlines, why is he spending time working on party balloons and bouncy houses?

Yes, you read that right.  Just days ago on Twitter, Musk – conceding that he recognizes that it may sound crazy – wrote that “SpaceX will try to bring rocket upper stage back from orbital velocity using a giant party balloon … And then land on a bouncy house.”

Who knows?  Although sounding outlandish on its face, maybe the idea will actually work in recovering upper-stage rockets one day.  But is now really the time for wild theorizing and experiments?  Tesla just stopped Model 3 production again to “improve automation.”  Its California factory is currently under investigation for safety issues.  As of November, Musk’s car company is burning nearly half a million dollars an hour, and the billionaire still hasn’t resolved the laundry list of SpaceX security concerns that the NASA Aerospace Advisory Council and Department of Defense inspector general brought to his attention in December and January, respectively.  Party balloons and bouncy houses should be pretty far down on his to-do list right now.

To continue reading: Elon Musk: Production Hell or Party Balloons? Pick One.


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