Trump’s Not Like Ike, by Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner wishes Trump were like Ike. From Bonner at

Yesterday came word that the European Central Bank followed through, just like the Fed.

After $2.7 trillion in “stimulus,” it has officially taken its foot off the pedal.

No more bond purchases by the end of the year.

It follows the Fed in returning to “normal” monetary policy.

The announcement scarcely made the headlines. The media knows what keeps the public engaged – reality TV and fake news, mostly. Not central bank monetary policy.

Trump Show

On the front pages, it’s the Trump Show, 24/7… and performances are always sold out.

Many of our readers love it. They’re convinced that America’s president is a genius who will Make America Great Again. No need to read the back pages or wonder exactly how he’ll do it.

Typically, they write to say that we “don’t understand him.” Or that “he has done more in 18 months than Obama did in eight years.” Or that, since the other choice was Hillary, our only hope is to “get behind the president.” Or, “Finally, our side is winning… What’s wrong with you?” [Read more in today’s Mailbag.]

It must be as puzzling to readers as it is to us. How could we resist the charm of The Donald? How could we fail to fall under his spell?

Some readers think that there must be a hidden agenda. “You’re a closet liberal…” wrote one. “You’re one of the swamp critters,” wrote another, while a third accused us of “being part of the Deep State.”

The puzzlement goes both ways. While they can’t imagine why we don’t see the halo over his head, we can’t quite figure out what they see at all.

So to gain perspective, we put the old jalopy in reverse… and try to take another look. We’ll back up to those golden green days… of Gunsmoke and I Love Lucy… back when America really was great.

To continue reading: Trump’s Not Like Ike


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