Hard Choices, by Southern Sage

Southern Sage responds to critics of an article SLL posted yesterday. From Southern Sage at theburningplatform.com:

I recently wrote an article about the death of Victor Jara, a Chilean Communist folk singer, and the September 11, 1973 coup in Chile, carried out by General Augusto Pinochet.  A number of readers expressed some skepticism about the article or objected to my central point, that hard choices and hard measures have to be taken to deal with Communists before they deal with you.  By “Communists” I do not mean just members of “official” Communist parties, who are often pen-pushing, lazy nobodies.

I include all Marxists who believe that they have a right to use violence or other extra-legal means to impose their will on ordinary people.  This most certainly includes Marxists who claim that they want to use democratic means to impose a Marxist state of any description.  My view, simply put, is that no Marxist or socialist state can ever be legitimate because by definition such a state will violate the fundamental, God-given rights of the population.  There is no such thing as “Communism with a human face”.

Let me get a couple of things out of the way.  My article was not revisionist history.  I invite anybody who is interested to refer to Allende: Death of a Marxist Dream, by James Whelan, or Chile’s Marxist Experiment, by Robert Moss.  As I said in the article I have discussed the historical events with men who were on the Communist side and in every particular they supported the conclusions in these two books.  Both writers are solid anti-Communists and, if you are familiar with the amount of leftist bullshit floating around regarding Communism in Latin America you will understand how rare it is to obtain a clear-eyed view of the truth regarding the revolutionary left in that region.

For some reason that escapes me a couple of people took exception to my mention of the Cuban fishing boats (really, ocean-going trawlers) that delivered clandestine arms shipments for the Communist workers militias.  This was standard practice in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  How do you think the dozens of Cuban-supported guerrilla and terrorist organizations got many of their arms?  In both Colombia and Venezuela there were famous cases of Cuban attempts to send arms to their guerrilla friends that went badly.

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