Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing Became A Liberal Virtue Signaling Circus, by Duane Norman

It would have been news if the Democrats didn’t turn Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing into a circus. From Duane Norman at fmshooter.com:

Day one of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh quickly turned into yet another anti-Trump protest.  Not only did the hearing consist of hours of speeches by pandering Senators from both parties, an extremely high number of women’s rights protesters were arrested for disrupting the hearing:

This display should come as no surprise following the ridiculous Democratic opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.  Furthermore, it is a near certainty that all of these protesters were enabled and abetted as guests of Democratic senators – case in point, Fred Guttenberg:

Guttenberg, the father of a victim of the Parkland shooting, attempted to shake the hand of Kavanaugh, without introducing himself, on a day when the room’s uncontrolled and unhinged protests left Kavanaugh and his family fearing for their lives.  Mainstream media attempted to frame Kavanaugh as “heartless” when the truth was anything but:

Of course, Guttenberg’s attempt at civility was anything but genuine:

Senator Dianne Feinstein joined the anti-gun opposition to Kavanaugh to promote her ultimate goal – gun confiscation…

…which she will accomplish, of course, by using the lies, obfuscations and falsehoodsso common in the anti-gun movement.  This was evidenced in her speech, where she recited statistics that have already been called out as blatantly false by even anti-gun outlets:

The Democrats attempted time and again to delay the hearing by using the “document dump” excuse…

…even though as Zerohedge pointed out, there has been far more transparency regarding Kavanaugh’s nomination than any justice nominated by Bush/Obama:

Democrats slammed the Trump administration on Sunday for refusing to release thousands of documents related to Kavanaugh, after attorneys for the Bush II administration – in which Kavanaugh worked –  said that approximately 27,000 records would be off limits under “constitutional privilege.”

In a Saturday press release, the Senate Judiciary Committee said that they had “expanded access to confidential material beyond that for any other Supreme Court nominee.”

Senator Patrick Leahy also got in on the “delay the hearing” act, which is likely an attempt to save vulnerable Senate Democrats in red states from being forced to vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation…

…however, Leahy publicly remanded the protesters, who of course decided to interrupt Leahy’s own anti-Kavanaugh rant with their own childish behavior:

Perhaps nothing was more ridiculous than the public outcry surrounding Zina Bash, a woman who worked for Kavanaugh, who allegedly flashed the “white power” sign(nothing more than an “OK” hand gesture)…

…who was quickly identified as a woman with a Jewish father/heritage and a Mexican-American mother…

…and somehow, this did not stop the anti-Kavanaugh crowd from still insisting Bash is a “neo-nazi”:

This hearing has become symbolic the “get out the vote” cry for Democrats in the midterm elections – anti-Trump, at any cost, and heavily campaigning on an “impeachment” platform…

…which as Robert Gore explains, is anything but a good strategy for them:

Mr. Cohen has virtually guaranteed that Democrats will not “retake the majority in the House this fall,” or the Senate either. Setting aside for a moment the legally problematic nature of making out a case for President Trump’s impeachment, is his base more or less likely to show up to the polls if the media and Trump’s legions of enemies are bandying the “I” word? The above quote, and similar quotes from other sources, are fire-em-up locker room fodder, right up there with Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment.

Get rid of Trump and he’ll be replaced with a shitocracy turd. That prospect, plus a decent economy, no new wars, progress in a couple of hot spots, eroding support for Democrats among blacks and hispanics, rampant socialist and political correctness lunacy, and what’s undoubtedly going to be a hyperventilated but counterproductive campaign by the mainstream and social media to stoke a blue wave this fall may usher in a red wave instead. The ever-expanding ranks of the cognizant know that America would be irretrievably lost were Trump to be impeached by a kangaroo court on trumped-up charges. They won’t let that happen without a fight.

More chicanery and theatrics can be expected as the hearing continues – however, this could very well backfire on Democrats – this display of virtue signaling has not been lost on Republican voters.  Many Trump supporters feel personally attacked with every lie and childish spouting match by “the resistance” to a nominee they view as a person who represents the very best qualities in not just a Judge, but as an American.

Virtue signaling surrounding yet another Trump nominee to the Supreme Court could end up having the exact opposite effect – helping get out the vote for Republicans in November, while still resulting in Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the nation’s highest court.



2 responses to “Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing Became A Liberal Virtue Signaling Circus, by Duane Norman

  1. as Judge Kavanaugh was leaving with his family not a single one of them looked to be in fear for their lives. whole lot of hand shaking and smiling going on. And frankly the bashing of each party by the other has become anathema to the majority of people in this country. We are all of us Americans, whether we are conservative or liberal, middle of the road or socialist. It is beyond time to stop the name calling and vilification of those with a different opinion. I personally dislike what Kavanaugh has stated in his opinions on case law, but that doesn’t mean I hate him. And, I can not abide the person inhabiting the White House, but the idea of impeachment, while interesting, is NOT a priority. Taxes, the air and water, infrastructure, education and healthcare head the top of the list of what I want. Making blanket statements (which I have done myself..mea culpa) does not enhance your post.


  2. Guess it should have stayed a conservative vice-signaling circus, like it was always meant to be.


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