Love, Marriage, Debt and Infidelity, by Dave Walden

Banking and politics may not be a marriage made in heaven, but it has certainly endured. From my friend Dave Walden:


Trump is now publicly engaged in criticizing the Fed.  Apparently, he is doing this because of the slow but steady rise in interest rates.  In terms of my response, I prefer to ignore such theater and look at “the bigger picture.”

As issues de jour come and go, with Trump revered or reviled as hero or villain, the remorseless threat to all pretense continues its quiet advance.  Should it suddenly be awakened from its seeming complacency – whether during Trump’s reign or following it, blame for the turmoil and destruction it will precipitate must always be placed where it is most deserving.

“Economic” affairs dominate and DRIVE most of human affairs.  Certainly not all affairs, mind you, affairs of the heart can, and do, rise to play dominant roles as well, but they tend to arise after survival is assured through the success of one’s personal, “economics.” 

At the very center of all economic affairs, because it represents the time, efforts, and the results/products of a Human Beings life, remorselessly and immovably sits, “money.”  Resting confidently astride this money, in control of not only their own – earned honorably or otherwise, but of significant amounts of what others have also earned, presides the “banker.” 

This leads to what I have determined to be a critical distinction.  For the purpose of this brief missive, consider economics to be an “affair of the mind.”  Rational because, as I stated above, economics deals with actual survival.  Conversely, consider “affairs of the heart” to encompass those human values that, in summation, “make life worth living.” Importantly, though there are values common to all of us, a life worth living remains for each of us to independently determine, just as is our choosing of one’s particular economic means of survival.

Earning respect, and its ultimate expression, love, seems a common denominator in “affairs of the heart.”  For some among us however, EARNING them is either thought impossible, or it becomes “fearfully” tenuous or uncertain.  In response to this apparent fact, depending on other critical psychological factors, there arises among us those who become insistent and DEMAND that they be PROVIDED such things, thereby perverting the concept of “earned.”

It is in response to this phenomenon, at least for the purpose of this missive, that the politician emerges.

We have little insight into “who” financed Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, or any of the other political thugs of early history.  Their success, by some measure, was “financed” – as well as made possible by, plunder.  However, since the Renaissance, and the historical record available therefrom, we have witnessed the rise of “modern” banking.

The financing of Columbus, with the endless subsequent financial arrangements that were to make possible the exploration and colonization of the New World, all involved banking, bankers, and their providing of credit.

There is perhaps, no more-famous examples of bankers than the Rothchild family.  A combination of fact, myth, and legend surrounds them, with the means/extent of their centuries-old family fortunes endlessly cited.  This leads to the point of this article.

In America, the time-honored marriage between bankers and politicians was formalized in 1913.  In  exchange for the bankers taking the vow to finance whatever the politicians might wish to spend, the politician took the vow to assure that the banker would have sole authority to control the price and availability of money and credit.  In consummating these prenuptials, both partners joined the ranks of virtually all politicians and bankers throughout recorded history.  The result(s) of this marriage will be little different than all others that have come before.

To a significant degree and as a group, the professionals who understand money and credit, at least those who wish to retain and grow it, know their business.  It is, after all, “an affair of the mind,” NOT one of the heart – whatever descriptive noun might be applicable to any among them.  Conversely, the endless politicians who must inextricably tie themselves to those to whom they have exchanged their corrupt vows, are exclusively dominated by those engaging in “affairs of the heart” – in this case, the attempt to COMMAND/LEGISLATE respect and “love.”

In such a contest, between those who actually know what is going on, as opposed to those who have been led to believe they “know,” the “winners” become obvious.  Under the illusion/delusion that they, the politicians, are in control, it is those engaged in “affairs of the mind” who always actually retain control.  They understand the folly unleashed by said politicians, because unlike the politicians, they are engaged in “affairs of the mind.” Always mindful to remain in a position to best survive – irrespective of whatever the particular delusions of their marriage partner(s)” folly, or their own “infidelity” to the immutable laws of their craft.

It is the banker(s) who can be expected to always demonstrate the most successful use of “bid” and “ask” – however such “spreads” are to become defined.  Because this timeless phenomenon is now occurring in the 21stcentury, it must be defined as being worldwide – just as the early Rothchilds saw it as having grown to include all of Europe..

When the debt made possible by the marriage made-in-hell finally shatters the illusions/delusions upon which it is built, Trump – or whoever may be at the helm, will be judged as having been responsible.  It will not matter one wit that he was but the latest in a long line of political “soul mates” that came before him that were equally culpable, as they sought their own particular versions of respect and love.  Meanwhile, the banker(s), wherever they may reside, in whatever form their “money” – safely secured in whatever manner, the banker(s) shall retain their treasure.

When the marriage is inevitably dissolved, dissolved by the inevitable results of the infidelities in which both have been engaged, it is the bankers, as is always the case, who will assure that their “settlement,” remains intact.  For in this annulment and divorce, there will be no alimony – for ANY of the rest of us.



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