Martial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any President, by Brandon Smith

This is one of Brandon Smith’s best. From Smith at

In the midst of the three ring circus known as the false Left/Right paradigm it is sometimes easy to forget that there is a motive behind the chaos; that there is an intended end game. Part of that end game, I believe, is the eventual erasure of individual liberties and the implementation of martial law in the US.   However, the establishment quest for government lockdown requires something very special in order to succeed – They need a considerable percentage of the population to support and defend it.

Governments rarely attempt outright martial law. The reason should be obvious; no military, no matter how advanced, has the capacity to suppress a unified citizenry. If the public is armed, the task becomes even more impossible. The laws of attrition alone would make the conflict bloody and costly.

Martial law is a mechanism that cannot be exploited in a vacuum. The-powers-that-be understand that it can only be used when a large percentage of the public is conned into supporting it. This is usually accomplished through the triggering of engineered crisis events, but there is also another method for getting the masses to back martial law, and that is to push both sides of the political spectrum to extreme zealotry until one side decides to use government as a weapon against the other.

Whether by disaster or political division, the public can be influenced to rationalize government dominance of every aspect of life.

The agenda to engineer crisis is evident. In past articles such as ‘The Federal Reserve Is A Suicide Bomber With A Deeper Agenda’, I have outlined the facts behind economic decline and how it is often utilized by central banks and their international banking partners to accumulate and centralize wealth while also manipulating society into accepting reduced living standards for generations to come. There is another more important motive, though. The banking elites also use the controlled demolition of the economy as a tool to create fear.

The Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution is a powerful potion that mesmerizes the unaware population. Those who are dependent are easily frightened because they have no control over their own futures. They become reactive rather than proactive; they seek to be led rather than to lead. They will readily accept promises and solutions from anyone in apparent authority rather than maintaining their objectivity and reason. They become slaves to the social and political tides, always waiting for someone else to fix the problems around them.

This conundrum also transfers over to political conflict. In my article ‘Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’, published just after the 2016 election, I explored the dangerous possibility that Trump supporters were being fooled into participating in the false Left/Right paradigm while believing that they had transcended it.

When we refer to the “false Left/Right paradigm” in the alternative media, we are referring to the fact that the political gatekeepers within government actually tend to share the same beliefs and agenda regardless of the “party” or ideology they claim to support. That is to say, Republican and Democratic leaders play their respective roles and their battles are scripted, not legitimate. The Trump campaign was a rather different animal, in that Trump was a candidate without a longstanding political record. He was a relative unknown compared to Clinton, and this made him enticing to conservatives and liberty activists that had all but abandoned participation in US elections.

It takes time to identify a political fake or controlled opposition. With Trump, we had no point of reference. Two years have changed this…

Trump’s campaign was built upon two very important positions: First, Trump promised small government conservatives that he was going to “drain the swamp” in Washington of the kind of globalists and banking elites that Clinton was notorious for associating with. Trump’s background already had at least one red flag in this regard – his empire was bailed out by the Rothschild banking family in the 1990’s during his debt crisis and Taj Mahal casino failures. This alone was not enough to discount him, though. Many businessmen have at least some interactions with banking elites by necessity and the way the system is designed. Unfortunately Trump’s relationship with the bankers did not stop there.

Trump’s cabinet picks were a perfect opportunity for him to establish his independence from globalists, bankers and their think tank partners. This did not happen. Trump brought in Wilber Ross as Commerce Secretary, the same Rothschild agent who arranged his bailout in the 1990’s. He brought in people like Steve Mnuchin, formerly of Goldman Sachs, Larry Kudlow, formerly of the NY Fed, and John Bolton from the Council On Foreign Relations. Trump was adding to the swamp, not draining it.

Second, Trump also argued for economic transparency during his campaign, which for many of us was a breath of fresh air. Trump pointed out the fallacy of the stock market and the fact that the Fed had been supporting a fabricated rally for years using artificially low interest rates and stimulus. Trump argued against false economic stats like mainstream unemployment numbers, which ignore the 95 million jobless people in the US that are no longer counted by the BLS.

Yet, as soon as Trump entered office, all of this changed. Trump immediately started taking credit for the bull market rally in stocks as if it was his own rather than a product of Fed manipulation. He took credit for fraudulent jobs numbers too, despite the tens of millions of people still listed as “non-participatory”. Trump has tied his administration to the performance of a fake economy sitting atop a massive deflating bubble.

I would also note that during Trump’s campaign and in the two years since Trump has barely mentioned the word “Constitution”. This is rather odd to me. A liberty advocate should be defending constitutional protections regularly, driving home the need for the Bill of Rights to be secured and honored. Our very society depends upon the survival of such principles, after all.

It has become clear that Trump is not the “savior” that the liberty movement was hoping for, but many people will continue to applaud him all the same because of a specific factor: The increasingly deranged political left.

Consider the endless absurdity of Russiagate; a conspiracy theory with absolutely no evidence to back it. It never seems to die despite all logic and reason, but the motives behind this are not what conservatives usually assume. Russiagate is a drug, a drug for leftists. They love it, they need it, it dulls the pain of their loss in 2016 and it confirms their biases. They didn’t “fail” in 2016, and they aren’t the biggest losers of all time; the election was “stolen” from them by Trump and his Russian handlers. Therefore, they are now justified in any level of insanity they display in their activism and opposition. They believe they are righteous.

At the same time, conservatives are ever more bewildered by the cultism and zealotry of the left. Each new incident pokes at their ribs with a pointy knife. Trump is being “railroaded”, they think to themselves. The left must be planning a coup. They won’t let him build the border wall. They try to delay or obstruct his State Of The Union Address. They spew nonsensical drivel and froth at the mouth and scream and wail and act like overgrown toddlers. They are dangerous. Drastic measures might need to be taken…

And so we are confronted with a perilous choice; do we as conservatives becomes zealots ourselves in order to defeat the zealotry of leftists?

But this is a false choice. The left hand of the paradigm has reached full bore lunacy, but this is designed to push conservatives into our own brand of blindness. The goal? To get conservatives to champion actions that are completely contrary to our principles. The goal, I believe, is to condition us into cheering for greater government power and centralization in the name of stopping the leftist menace.

Three weeks from now the government shutdown fight is set to return. The mainstream media has been avidly reporting that the uncertainty is over, but this is a preposterous conclusion. What the nation faces now is even greater confusion as the shutdown fight prepares to return in February or a national emergency is declared, or both. My concern is that this is leading to conservative support for extreme measures.

Consider the current geopolitical environment in the western hemisphere today.  South America is on the verge of potential implosion, in no small part due to the failures of socialism, but also due to Trump’s globalist infested administration seeking destabilization of an already fragile region.  Increasing US sanctions on Venezuela, Trumps support for Madruro’s political opponent (John Guaido), and John Bolton’s notepad snafu would suggest there are military plans being made to take advantage of the chaos.

I have warned in the past that the ongoing breakdown in South America is suspiciously similar to the martial law scenario described in the US government’s secretive Rex 84 plan which was exposed during the Iran/Contra hearings.  To summarize, it suggests that a South American crisis would lead to mass migrations to the southern US border, and that this would be used as a rational for martial law measures in America.  I have to say, this sounds a lot like what is happening now.

If you think the border wall debate is a hot button issue this year, just wait until a collapse in Venezuela or an economic disaster in Brazil or Argentina results in millions of people seeking refuge illegally in the US.  Trump’s wall will be all that any conservatives talk about, while leftists will be blaming his administration for the very calamity that brought about the migrant hordes in the first place.  Both sides would be fully disillusioned with each other if they are not already.  Conservatives would certainly support a declaration of national emergency for the wall.

The cleverness of this ruse is that both sides would be partly right, but also mostly wrong.

What would a national emergency entail? Simply building a border wall? Building a border wall using the military? What about martial law on the border? Why stop there?  Why not have martial law throughout the entire country?  That would finally put an end to leftist interference, right?  Knowing what we now know about Trump’s associations with banking elites, how can we trust that it will end at the border?

It seems to me that the fight between left and right is being driven beyond the information wars and beyond activism into a realm that could include actual civil war. If the current trend continues, I see no other outcome. But as always we must ask who benefits the most from this?

While the left has gone off the deep end into cartoonland and must be stopped, the real threat to America is the banking cabal which influences both sides of the paradigm.  The fact is, Trump works with them everyday in the White House. Economic crisis and geopolitical crisis are inevitable catalysts for greater centralization and totalitarianism, and the left is being used as a cattle prod to ensure that the political right is infuriated enough to jump on the bandwagon.

The only right answer, the only solution is to refuse to support martial law under any circumstances or under any president, and to fight against it should it ever arise.  Borders can and should be secured without giving government carte blanche to do whatever it pleases without restriction.  In fact, any problem can be better resolved without selling our souls to big government in exchange for temporary power over our political opponents.

I would remind liberty activists that by opening such a Pandora’s box, there is no going back. It is a power that would allow for infinite and irreversible corruption, a power that can only be used for evil and never for good.  Even if you truly believe Trump’s motives to be honorable, there are no guarantees that these measures will ever be rescinded once they are started, nor can we be sure that they will not be used by a future president with ill intent once Trump is gone. Some people might argue that my concerns are unwarranted; that it will never come to martial law. We shall see. The trend developing today is certainly not encouraging.


5 responses to “Martial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any President, by Brandon Smith

  1. Poignant warning. Dialect ending in Martial law–>Perpetual Control guarantees Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace for Perpetual Profit.


  2. But what if an armed plurality understood in order to save something so dear, saving it would require declaration of Martial Law by he that they had sworn fealty too, and he to them.
    It would not be a faustian bargain. Not as Martial Law would be as declared by the deceit of those who have no fealty but to themselves their treasure chests and their power.
    This I say, would be something entirely by reason of noble cause, to undue that which would otherwise portend by other means, tear this republic asunder, the destruction and misery, of death in untold numbers, the dissolution of a civilization born from the very same noble cause of Liberty and its blessings.
    It would require a man of a very certain character and moral fiber to employ Martial Law as a tool, to wield it justly, yet as a warrior of unimpeachable prudence, who would not be tempted by the lure of absolute power entrusted to him by those who at his mercy who believe in his fealty to something higher than just oath of fealty to themselves, for the purpose of ridding this land of the terrible scourge of marxian madness who have infested all forms of governance or economic advantage with their terrible corruptions, to remove from all or any power place of privilege or influence, even from this mortal coil as needs be justly determined, those who have with far seeing ulterior foresight and malice of the darkest evil men are capable of, conspired to treason from deep within the body politic to undermine, subvert, destroy republican form of civilization and its 2000 years of Western Christian Greco/Roman culture.
    The inverse would hold then, that to betray the fealty of the many to the one, the one would be held in such contempt for his oath breaking, they and their arms and their wrath would be swift and terrible, for they bared their necks in trust and faith, therefore events would in particular regards be cause to make it even that much more difficult a chore to suppress and subdue by any means those who are the betrayed.


    • I would like to add, I have thought for some time now Martial Law would in the end be the only way for President Trump to take full black letter law executive power. That there are so many traitors, stay behinds left to harry and shive Mr. Trump, and its true purpose, to nullify the outrageous motive power of 64 Million American’s who have the great audacity to defy the powers that be, by such a despicable deplorable act of withdrawal of their consent, for daring to resist tyranny they must be also ceremoniously impeached and ousted in concert with Mr. Trump.

      This treason arrayed against President Trump is endemic, it is saturation strength, it is therefore so entrenched, that there is such a majority within the construct of the administrative centralized inner permanent state, the only viable recourse is to rescind, through full Martial Law, as it is the sole purview within the sanction of the US Constitution, grants the President all powers unto him, all three branches civilian federal government, Legislative-Judicial-Executive, abolishes during whatever time frame pleases the President, full powers those branches hold.

      Not for nothing, all three branches are pretty much rouge powers unto themselves. They have gone so far past any semblance of Constitutional Republican form of government to be all but in name separate factions of a banana republic of the worlds largest organized crime syndicate.

      In all dead earnest seriousness, serious as a heart attack serious, maybe somebody can explain to me how else on God’s green Earth are we to rid ourselves of this scourge of scalawags and their treason reaching back at least to 1860, right up to this very second?
      Without that is, waging a third war of secession, from the exact tyranny of administrative centralism our forefathers of the Colonial era fought, to free themselves from the shackles of the leviathan state.

      The proof is in the pudding: The Declaration of Independence, almost word for word, history has come back on its circular route, it could be written today for the first time, AND, all the reason, cause, the precepts of natural rights, from the start in the 1200’s of England, right up through again to this very second, of what the 2nd Amendment signifies.
      These two foundational elements, The DOI and The 2nd Amendment, are the two reasons for cause, to consider in all seriousness the viability of Martial Law, for those who it truly serves the purpose at this stage, a last act of non-violent redress before we must pick up our rifles and tear this country apart end to end routing the infestation of tyranny with saturates every level of every government in this Republic.

      In simplest bare bones terms, what have we to lose?
      We have lost already republican government. By all accounts it is Kaput!
      How do we, I’m saying me, my fellow dirt people, on the outside, because we are in every way excluded and barred from the inside, fix what is broken on the inside? We are not broken on the outside. But what the inside does is so broken it effects us on the outside.
      And what pray tell are we to fear here?
      A tyrannical State bent on our destruction?

      I’m no scholar or political scientist. Just a regular guy in a regular world.
      But I’ll tell you this.
      If dirt people like me are cornered into having to pick up our rifles to defend ourselves from this anarchy of this rouge state, our wrath is something once let out of its cage, for having tolerated so much humiliation for the higher cause of turning the other cheek to save what remains of our beloved country from these usurpers, it will be a wrath the likes of which no one on earth in all of history will have witnessed.
      There is a cold anger burns so deep now it can not even be spoken of between patriots. Words defy its very existence.
      To push us past the limits of our humility, all that will save our own souls from damnation is but for the Grace of God we dare not go there. But up to its very ragged edge, it knows no mercy, gives no quarter, rejects the same out of hand, it is ruthless, cold blooded, something only people who have God given prudence and the wisdom tolerance gained only through the blessings of liberty can wage, it does not stop, until it decides to, and it will not be denied.
      I’m telling everyone who reads my words here, it is a terrible thing. And I know no sane rational man wishes to go down that path, for we as a people and a culture may never come back from it.

      In retrospect to all that, Martial Law is about the best deal going with President Trump in the White House and the fealty and trust of his support among the people, and all things considered.
      No one else matters in this equation any longer. Thats is what we got to get through our heads.
      They have all to a man foundational and fundamentally, quantitatively, and qualitatively, deceived and betrayed us at every turn, in every way. There is nothing they have not corrupted or soiled with their treason to everything this Republic stands on and was predicated upon.


  3. Perhaps I’m not interpreting these comments correctly, but it appears that they fail to correctly interpret the warning of the author. Martial law will suspend the Constitution and drive the final nail in the coffin of the Republic.


    • Well Ms smarty pants, that was a cheap comment.
      How so. Fail what? Fail because I have an alternative view?
      Disqualifies different constructive perspective?

      Since you know so much about these weighty matters, maybe you have positive constructive alternatives to add to the scrum? Maybe a different constructive view, a remedy for what has ripped this republic apart?

      You imply alternative views automatically because they are alternatives, disqualify them is of zero help here.

      And suspend the US Constitution?
      The US Constitution was suspended in 1860 when the forebears of todays northeastern oligarchy waged their war of aggression against the Constitutionally legitimate, Constitutionally granted, act of secession of the Confederacy. From exactly the same tyranny still facing us today.

      What remains of the USC is a specious narrative as a means, for those same usurpers, to provide them with an illusion of legitimacy, which works with you, as you have been suckered into thinking a legitimate constitutional government still exists.

      If there was a US Constitution which existed in reality, which held in check tyranny as it was intended, we would not be having discussions about it’s demise.
      It seems evident Martial Law is a clause in the US Constitution put there deliberately by some very intelligent people as a constitutional instrument exactly for what is going on. As a “pressure relief valve” for when all other peaceful and lawful instruments of redress are exhausted.

      Too many see Martial Law as a dirty thing, something fowl and instantly the path to tyranny. If that was true about the path for tyrants and tyranny, sister, they would have pulled that fucking tyrants trick in a NewYork minute long time before you and me.

      Maybe you can provide us who have “failed” to genuflect according to your opinion, to Mr. Smith’s implied unquestionable authority, (who I have admired from 2007-2008 when he began Alternate Economy, and was one of his first commenters, a most brave Alt-Media philosopher, who has always had the courage of his convictions), with courses of action short of ripping our republic apart, with a bloody war of session against the monsters who have destroyed it, if you please.

      Because nothing else is working, and where this will end up if we fail to bind together will make Martial Law look like paradise.


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