The Experiment, by Robert Gore

How much longer will the middle class politely tolerate its own destruction?

A middle class that outnumbers the combined poor and aristocracy is a relatively new phenomenon, dating back to around 1900. The rise of the middle class was the result of Industrial Revolution capitalism. It has been one of the most significant and epochal developments in history, yet the intellectual reaction for the most part has been to either ignore it or treat it with disdain. Now the project to destroy the middle class is well under way, with unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences that promise to be just as epochal as its creation.

Intellectual condescension towards the middle class is so common it’s a cliché. What’s rare are attempts to go back in history and see things through the perspectives of that despised group and its progenitors, the poor.

In 1800, virtually everyone was poor, living under conditions of deprivation and grinding poverty. Even being wealthy was no picnic; present-day poverty-line Americans live better. Life expectancy was an estimated twenty-nine years. Farming, the occupation of most, was dangerous, backbreaking labor from dawn to dusk. Most of those so engaged eked out a tenuous subsistence. There was no electricity, no running water, primitive sanitation and health care, and none of the machinery, gadgets, and appliances we take for granted. Only a few wealthy poets who didn’t have to wrest a living from nature waxed euphoric about its “joys.”

As the nineteenth century progressed, primitive factories, mostly in cities, began producing goods of better quality, in more quantity, and at lower cost than had been possible by artisans handcrafting their wares. No doubt conditions in those factories were abysmal—long hours, pittance pay, child labor, dangerous and filthy conditions, and horrible accidents and injuries. All that has been well-chronicled and dramatized, but an important point gets overlooked. Bad as they were, the factories were a better option for those who worked in them than the farms from whence many of them came, or they would have stayed there.

Capitalism requires capital, and early industrialization provided profits to capitalize: more factories, further innovation, new inventions and industries, and eventually the astonishing burst of dynamic energy that became the Industrial Revolution. Each new generation of mines, factories, ships, trains, farms and other productive assets became less labor-intensive, produced higher average real wages, had lower percentages of child labor, and were less dangerous than their predecessors. Again, by present day standards most working conditions were still abysmal, but less so than what had preceded them. That was the relevant consideration for the millions of people who worked in Dickensian conditions: it was their best option, and better than anything they had previously known.

The nineteenth century produced more technological and scientific innovation that all the centuries before it combined. Societies don’t go from poor to rich overnight. However, real world conditions―opportunity, income, wealth, health, and overall quality of life―steadily improved. By 1900, life expectancy in the US was 46 years for males and 48 years for females, an unprecedented one-century increase.

Those who throw rocks at the Industrial Revolution, the period when America approached laissez faire capitalism, have to minimize or ignore one simple fact. Millions of people braved the dangers of travel, the uncertainties of life in a new land, the difficulties of learning a new language, the prejudice and hostility they knew they would encounter, the daunting challenges of starting at the bottom, and the absence of government giveaways and freely chose to immigrate to the United States.

Sometimes the payoff was huge. Andrew Carnegie really did get off the boat with eleven cents in his pocket. Cyrus McCormack, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and other success stories came from impoverished or modest backgrounds and made multimillion dollar fortunes. The self-made businessman became the American archetype, fueling countless aspirations.

The emergent middle class was a cohesive force for political stability. The immigrants passed their memories of what they had escaped to their children and grandchildren. They embraced the reality and the promise of America based on their own fruitful experience. Life was good and would get even better, why rock the boat? Few noticed the thunderhead on the horizon.

That thunderhead was hate, directed not at America’s flaws and weaknesses, but at its virtues and strengths. The sacrifice, hard work, thrift, and ingenuity that had lifted millions from poverty was condemned as selfishness, blind ambition, and greed. The middle class that didn’t exist a century ago was materialistic, anti-intellectual, and spiritually impoverished. The unprecedented wealth America was producing was wrong because it was unequally distributed, or the most philanthropic and charitable people in history weren’t giving enough away.

You can guess where the hostility came from: the intellectuals who found what they peddled commanded little attention or respect, and would-be rulers in a nation with little desire to be ruled. The desire for autonomy, to be left alone, to be free to make one’s own decisions and live one’s own life, are the benchmarks of well-adjusted normalcy. The desires to tell or force other people what to do are the opposite, wellsprings of hate which are, depending on their intensity and quality, neurotic, sociopathic, or psychopathic.

That the middle class is now fighting for its life reflects two intellectual failures. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the intellectuals, political class, and many of the tycoons were pressing for expanded government, the income tax, central banking, and American interventionism and imperialism. The truisms that any expansion of the government’s power and resources would only reduce the people’s liberty and be funded with money stolen from them was overwhelmed by what’s become the standard propaganda: coercion is necessary to address some risk, danger, or “unacceptable” condition. There were no prominent voices connecting the prevalent peace, prosperity, and optimism with the era’s unprecedented personal freedom, nor arguing their essential inseparability.

The other failure: most “average” Americans simply couldn’t comprehend or even conceive of the hatred directed against them. Statism, whatever its variations, is never about doing something for people, it’s about doing something to them. Even now, with virulent vitriol and hatred on full display, much of it is minimized or rationalized by people who should know better. The corruption of the “middle-grounders” may run deeper than the statists and the collectivists, who at least no longer try to hide their agenda and acknowledge that freedom cannot coexist with the unlimited governmental power they covet.

When somebody claims that your life is their property, they’re telling you that they have the right to do with it what they will, which includes killing you. All manner of statist belladonna reached full florescence in the twentieth century—socialism, communism, nazism, fascism, welfare statism, cronyism, kleptocracy, kakistocracy—and the murder, genocide, and war have been orders of magnitude greater than anything that preceded it.

You shall know them by their works. The thing that statism does best to people is kill them; the record is clear and unmistakable. Anyone now promoting more of the same is simply evil. Only unmitigated hatred accounts for the particular antipathy directed towards the middle class: their values, their prosperity, and their predominate race (white) and religion (Christianity).

The middle class being a relatively new phenomenon, nobody can say what the consequences of the all-out war against it will be. It is the bedrock of modern economies and its destruction will take out most of the developed world’s productive capacity and consumer markets. That doesn’t seem to bother the statists. How they plan to free themselves from the economies that sustain them is a question they ignore. It calls to mind Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged observation: the deaths they desire the most are their own. That has to be the true definition of insanity. Truer even than Einstein’s: repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

The notion that our rulers are insane has slipped loose from the alternative media where it was once confined. Certainly US foreign policy meets Einstein’s definition: repeated regime changes in the name of democracy promotion that promote only carnage and chaos, endlessly inconclusive interventions, war profiteering, terrorism, and intense hatred of the American people and its government around the world. Donald Trump questioned those repeated failures and that provided his margin of victory in 2016.

To this day nobody can explain the logic behind the bailouts during the last financial crisis and what ensued, the world’s central banks monetizing massive government debt and pushing interest rates below zero. The high and mighty pretend this is all normal, but for normal people buying a bond with a guaranteed loss is insane. Microscopic rates force them, against their better judgment, into a stock market that’s crashed twice since the turn of the century, decimating their savings, and now sits at historically sky-high valuations. Here is the “investment landscape” you’re supposed to embrace: lose money or put it on the pass line and hope the Wall Street roll of the dice doesn’t once again come up craps.

Keep spending money you don’t have and inevitably you’ll go broke. Keep making promises you can’t fulfill and inevitably you’ll break them. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of claims on the future out there that have no chance of ever being redeemed, yet the pile continues to grow. The mathematical outcome is as straightforward and devastating as playing Russian roulette with all the chambers loaded.

Obamacare is the latest insane gift from the government that keeps on giving. It’s an obvious failure, but it’s a foaming-at-the mouth, murderous pit bull that from some deranged concept of mercy or an appalling lack of fortitude nobody will put out of its misery. Medical care stands in a long line of industries that malevolence masked as good intentions has destroyed.

As the middle class watches the America it once knew and cherished collapse, and comes to understand why, it realizes its head is on the chopping block. A bright middle-schooler can see that the Green New Deal will bring the economy to a shuddering stop and plunge many who have managed to escape so far into poverty. Yet the Democrats’ leading lights rush to praise the imaginary raiment of would-be empress Ocasio-Cortez.

The middle class has always aspired to better things—the American dream. Talk of 70 percent or higher tax rates and wealth taxes capitalizes on hatred of the rich, it’s open season. Why work and sacrifice to get rich if the government gets it all? Take away middle class dreams and you may well be taking away the last thing that keeps them paying their taxes, observing the law, supporting the troops and police, in short, everything that from the vantage point of the ruling class, “keeps them in line.”

What began as a gentle squeeze a century ago has become python-like constriction. Government has drained economic vitality and shuttered opportunity as the once politically stable, prosperous, and optimistic middle class dwindles. A few still reach the upper echelon, but most are consigned to creeping poverty, blunting the economic consequences with credit and the personal consequences with cannabis, alcohol, opioids, pornography, and promiscuity. It’s only going to get worse as debt grows, massive unfunded medical and pension liabilities come due, taxes rise, economies shrink, and promises are broken.

The ruling class has backed the middle class into a corner. Shoving them into poverty and vanquishing their dreams amounts to an unprecedented and dangerous experiment. Aristocratic arrogance, condescension, exclusivity, and isolation add to the combustibility. Yet they remain steadfastly oblivious to the rising anger and the risks. They don’t even recognize the danger of billing the governments they control (or the global one they want to create) as the solution to all problems. Who’s going to get the blame when things fall apart?

The potentates may find their nuclear arsenals and well-armed militaries and police forces comforting. However, their experiment confronts unanswered questions. What if a substantial portion of the population has taken to the streets and far outnumbers the praetorians? What if praetorian sentiment is with the protestors and insurrectionists? Are the rulers really prepared to use tanks, heavy artillery, bombs, and even nuclear weapons on their own population? Will the people charged with pressing those buttons actually press them?

For America’s ruling class failing policies, looming insolvency, rising awareness via the alternative media, their own hypocrisy and corruption, political polarization, and a well-armed populace are a stairway to hell. What happens when the disaffected, many who will have nothing to lose, try to reclaim their lives and liberty and upend the political order that has roadblocked their pursuit of happiness?

Disaffection is a battalion, righteous moral certainty an army. The latter has moved the world and will do so again. Victor Hugo said that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Here’s an idea so powerful yet so simple it fits on a bumper sticker: Fight for your life. It’s megatons of TNT, the fuze has run, and the explosions have started. There’s no way to predict or control the consequences. The only certainty is that anyone who thinks they can do so will be proven disastrously wrong.

You Should Be Laughing At Them!

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77 responses to “The Experiment, by Robert Gore

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  6. If one takes the time to talk to ordinary people one knows that only a small percentage agree with the elite and their minions: the media, academia and Hollywood.

    I want the bumper sticker.


  7. I tried to stop people from lying, killing & stealing either as individuals or as their predatory cults through government. I FAILED!!! Brian f bailey see only post on WordPress. Author individual vs the peoples


  8. Robert, the only background I have in economics was a basic college course, and I was curious as to any particular books you could advise pointing me in the right direction. The free market conservative direction that is. I once tried to read Marx and Engels and was lost, didn’t get much further with Adam Smith either. I was pretty young at the time though.


    • Grunt

      The best conventional economist I know of is Thomas Sowell. I had him at UCLA and he’s written a number of books. The best commentator on the intersection between politics and economics is Richard Maybury. He has written nine very accessible books plus he has a monthly newsletter, Early Warning Report. He is excellent, has a great track record, and a unique way of looking at things. The best analyst I know of for financial markets and investor psychology is Robert Prechter. I reviewed his book The Socionomic Theory of Finance and that review can be accessed at the top of this page under the Reviews tab. Prechter is less accessible than Sowell or Maybury, you have to delve into technical analysis, but his insights are amazing. As for political orientation, all three are conservative to libertarian.

      Wall Street and government economists I ignore. They are usually all touting the same party line. They consistently get it wrong but never revise their models. Keynesian analysis is a crock. For Austrian analysis, sometimes termed free market analsis, I have a link in the upper right under the Blogroll to the Ludwig von Mises Institute. They do some great work.


      • Thanks Robert, that’ll get me started.


      • Deter Naturalist

        Robert, if you interpret Prechter’s (and his minions’) publications the way I do, how are we to square (1) his 24 year (and counting) record of mis-calls on markets/social mood, and (2) what I consider a clear case of the Socionomics Institute alluding to the idea that today’s utterly PATHOLOGICAL tolerance of the Leftist/PC insanity is “good,” while a negative social mood that will inevitably react (violently, I suspect) against having all the equalist, magic dirt/open-borders insanity jammed down our throats is “bad?”

        I still think Bob P’s basic hypothesis is correct, but (1) agree with Dick Diamond that the WP can’t be used as a basis for trading and (2) I think Bob—at least in public—refuses to go the full distance to what his socionomic insight tells us: namely, that when we’re in a social mood mania (as has been the case for literally decades) both the highs in markets (bonds and stocks, plus others) AND the “highs” in social fads and fashions become utterly TOXIC. It is quite obvious to me that the embrace of openness toward homosexuality, transgenderism, open borders, magic dirt, interchangeability of men and women, and the notion that no matter how many IOU’s are issued, the sky won’t fall are ALL RELATED.

        We’re living in a long-lived collective delusion. People like you or me appear to see at least parts of what’s behind the curtain (and it terrifies us, I think.) Sooner or later the Pyramid Machine that has looped savings into IOU’s while funding artificial build-up of vast industries sustained ONLY because the Pyramid grows will stop working. I’m ASTONISHED it still runs today, I thought ten years ago was “it” and missed the entire boat since then (and everything since before I read Prechter’s “At The Crest of the Tidal Wave” in 1995. (Yeah, At the Crest?! Hardly.)

        This bubble just gets bigger, and it’s a feedback loop in all cases. When it pops there will be nowhere to hide.


        • DN

          You make some good points. I wouldn’t say the last 24 years have been all miscalls on Prechter’s part, and when you look at the total record of EWI, I’d would say they have been more right than wrong. Against a backdrop of persistent equity bearishness it’s not surprising perhaps that they got 2000 and 2007 right, calling for big drops. He also got the rally that began in 2009 right, although his repeated calls for that rally’s end since then have not been borne out. We have not seen the gargantuan wipeout that Prechter has been calling for since the 1980s, the end of a cycle dating back to the 1700s, as of yet, although I suspect such a wipeout wouldn’t surprise either one of us.

          I follow many of EWI’s markets and on some, Prechter and his staff have been uncanny. Go back and check their record on oil, commodities in general, and the precious metals. It also appears they called within a day the 2016 top in the US government bond market. Their calls on the housing market in 2005 and 2006 were spot on. And Mark Galasiewski, who does Asian Pacific equities and currencies, has been phenomenal. I’ve made enough from EWI’s calls on various markets to pay for their subscriptions many times over. Have I lost money on some of their calls? Of course, and Dick Diamond may well be right that the WP can’t be used short term. However, over my longer time horizons, I’ve done quite well when EWI has called major turns and I’ve speculated accordingly, although they are sometimes early and I’ve had to tolerate losses before they paid off.

          As for the Socionomics Institute, I don’t follow it or its politics closely. The one complaint I have about EWI is that they take the mainstream media at face value and do almost no independent investigation of stories they cite. I believe that this can lead them to misinterpret social mood, because the mainstream media is no longer mainstream.

          “This bubble just gets bigger, and it’s a feedback loop in all cases. When it pops there will be nowhere to hide.”

          I couldn’t agree with you more.


    • Hazlett (sp?), “Economics in One Lesson”. Very accessible, started my journey there.


  9. The card game has now reached the point where 2020 is the point at which the table will be “called.” My only remaining hope is that those who will place further “side-bets” in response, will have judged those representing evil have over-played their hand.

    Should that not be the case, and those advocating evil make further political gains, I fear violence is not just inevitable but immanent. Either in response to the inescapable economic reckoning, or in response to attempted “remedy” for that which is alleged to ail us.

    I feel fortunate to have lived when and where I have. My progeny will not be so fortunate!


    • The first place that gets raided is the NSA’s Utah Data (collection) Center. You know, the one with the sign out front that says, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”


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  19. Bravo Robert! Awesome.
    Always considered Andrew Codevilla’s “The Ruling Class And The Perils of Revolution” as the preeminent benchmark. It still holds up in many important ways. But your work here is the preeminent essay now. You moved forward in time right to the threshold of whats looking to be the pivotal moment of the last 2000 years. Defined its details and dynamics succinctly and brilliantly. What happens will determine the shape of the western hemisphere for centuries.
    Really appreciate you for defining in wonderfully present, descriptive terms the forces of evil arrayed against Liberty, our 2000 years of Christian Greco/Roman culture manifest in we who are, and how we are going to remain Freemen regardless of, in spite of the statist-quo. Those gems are in there.

    It wont be easy. But it is inevitable our great culture triumphs. I believe we are not so much witnessing the attempts to genocide the middle class, as we are experiencing the last desperate death throws of the sonofabitches as any kind of political force it has enjoyed right up to now, as it becomes more irrelevant to the dirt people of the west. And I believe this is attributable to something unique in all human activity. Consent. And withdrawal of Consent. The most powerful weapon ever devised.
    Let me put it this way from an outlier perspective: Power is power, no matter its form or who wields power over others. Yet there are only 3 kinds of power. The power to coerce. The power to hurt. And the power to stand up to the first two. #3 is a power unlike the first two. #3 is also a power of legitimacy thru & thru. It immense power, only the dirt people have. Most don’t even know they have this power. It is the power of legitimacy of the individual regards their innate natural born primal rights. Some say they are bestowed from God. I like to believe that, and take great comfort in its belief. Regardless, that power exists. There it is too, as proof, as ideas like writing down sanctions and codifying them in a governing document unlike any before it, most critically the declaration of independence from, secession from, usurpations of those natural rights. against usurpation of power, as we experience right now.
    Put this way. The ruling elites, who are neither thank you very much, or what ever you can call them, they covet. Covet everything. And they are the most envious of humans. The innate hubris of this condition is contained in the two great sins, greed and envy. Has a familiar note to it yet? What do people with power over others want? More Power. More than that they covet a certain thing more than anything. Absolute Power. Us dirt people see this manifest itself in everything from the hateful person at the DMV window, to teachers indoctrinating our children in the most foul perverse obscenities imaginable, with the power to remain free from jurisprudence for their acts of assaulting the minds and spirits of our children. But two examples. What all these tyrants and usurpers fear is threat to their power, they will do anything to protect their rice bowls. And that applies all the way up the usurper food chain.
    So they covet right? Not really big news. We all seen it, experienced. Are fed up with it. Have tolerated it enough where we are getting a craw full and are trying to come to terms with the alternatives necessary to deal effectively, and legitimately with what is facing us. Not an easy task. Thought the ultimate recourses and redress are stark, no bullshit methods, little is left to the imagination but the misery, blood, fecal matter, and stink and tribulation of revolutionary war.
    Here’s what I’m getting at, and I think some how it is other than Prudence and also its lack, the issue of our times. Goes back to greed and envy, coveting. There is the dark side of humanity, and some darker than others, but the darkest of all is a jealousy, those with this envy are consumed by it, and it has another feature, like shit, it rolls down hill, it has a certain hive mind feature to it, the hive knows, it suspects, its leadership is leadership because the hive cues off it. Ultimate power. It is not where you might think this ultimate power. There is totalitarian power, raw naked power, power to hurt, but none are this special power which in the darkest part of the cold foul hearts of the “elites” and their ilk, covet.
    It is the power of legitimacy. They are jealous and covet this power, but by their very nature they are prohibited to the end of all time from obtaining this legitimacy. They can not. They are not legitimate in their actions and activities of ruling over others no matter how petty their usurpation and power to hurt.

    The other element in this legitimacy, is Consent. Consent is unique, but maybe for unconditional love. Consent is something that can only be given. It can not be taken. Even under force and coersion, one has to deiced to Consent, to something another wants them to consent to. The inverse is not true. Withdrawal of Consent is both an act and a default position. There is “tacit consent”, but no matter how you spin that, somewhere the tacit consent, even passive aggressively granted, still required the decision of its owner somewhere along the line.
    But whats really important about Consent, is you can put a pistol to my head, tell me if I refuse my consent, you are gonna blow my brains out. I still have the choice. I still have to make the choice. And nobody but me can, and has the power to make that choice. Either way, I consent or not to your threat of demand, I still get to choose.
    No tell me, is that not power? A power so legitimate, no other power can overpower? Take it up a notch. Lets say for sake of point, 1% of the population of America makes the choice to withdraw their Consent, pick up their rifles, their family and friends make the choice to support each other in all ways, and tell the “elites” to go to hell. We refuse to consent to you any longer. In fact we are going to shoot your sorry arses if you dont back down. And we are not taking no for an answer.
    The power inherent in this act of legitimately refusing to consent to the usurpation of these “elites” power, and those who are their sycophants and useful dupes, is now manifest itself in a power to stick up for itself legitimately, rightfully, in defense.
    And this power because it is absolutely legitimate like no other, what tyrant and usurper would not both fear it existentially, and covet it for themselves simultaneously. It is the tyrant’s dilemma. Besides, what self respecting tyrant or dicktator would not be hideously, consumed with jealousy, envy, and greed, to possess such a power?

    So yeah. The sonsofabitches they despise us, why they call us “A basket of Deplorable’s”. Why so much contempt for us the dirt people, the middle class. Because any halfwit tyrant knows who their true existential enemy is. Or they would not last long.
    Imagine the innermost fear, the terrifying bowl watering terror, to watch before your eyes 64 million Deplorable’s stand up and say to you Because Fuck You Thats Why on November 8th 2016.

    Nobody has that power. We are granted such power, legitimacy, because we are legitimate. Because we withdraw our Consent for legitimate reasons of defending our legitimacy in the first place. It is the clause in the contract.

    We are the first people in all of history who had this Zeitgeist, this Paradigm, this sea change in thinking. And acting. Andrew Skousen called it The 5000 Year Leap. It was the greatest and only, successful revolution from tyranny in that history. And the bastard swore they would get us back for defying and beating them. They could not win the first time. They won only a symbolic ferric victory the second time, third if you throw in 1812, and they ain’t going to win #III either.
    They are irrelevant now. We see so every day. Clowns in a stinky clown show. Sure they wield vast resources. Threaten earth shattering vengeance on all who defy them and their illegitimate power. But they are sneaky dirty cunning hateful worms. They have no dignity. They create nothing. They offer us nothing.

    And we owe them nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Deter Naturalist

      The culture that created the America we take for granted was already diluted to nonexistence by 1910. The waves of non-WASP immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries gifted us with the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965, and that utterly destroyed the WASP-male dominated system that created so much.

      People are not fungible. Men are not women or vice-versa. Chinese people, regardless of IQ, produce China, not America even if they’re located in America. Ditto Mestizos, ditto Sicilians and Irishmen and Germans.

      There’s no going back, and the way forward gets much worse before any part of it can get better…and unless conditions become unimaginably harsh and return to culling our weak (and stupid,) the future is bleaker still. What made people of English and NW European descent smarter, more altruistic and innovative were the hardships of the late Middle Ages. Without that kind of hardship, we will become genetically weaker until enough collapses to recreate that kind of hardship.

      I DO NOT RELISH that thought. I have kids and grandkids.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have great faith we are made of something which effects great positive change in this world. If we did not possess such qualities and character, if our great Western Christian culture and its civilization we created by dint of our hard work and our traditions, the fuckers would not be trying to destroy us to begin with. Having said that, it is about us dirt people, who are ever and only the ones who effect positive change in this world.
        There is no one else. Never has been anyone else. And I believe we are going to surprise the shit out ourselves and our enemies on that score.
        Remember we don’t owe them anything. Except defeat.


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  24. Wow. Thanks for this, just bought both books because of it.

    So jealous you had Tom Sowell in college. Stumbling across his stuff kept me semi sane on a radical ivy campus (but I repeat myself) back in the 80’s.


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  31. Lily O'Loughlin

    Read about the “Enclosures” in Britain in the 1800’s. Many people were kicked off land their families had been living on for generations. The common lands they had been grazing their animals on were fenced in and privatized. It wasn’t that they wanted to move to the city and work in a factory, they had nowhere else to go.


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  35. Out standing, working on taking to my page will link back to you. Thanks


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  37. If you don’t struggle…you don’t gain. If you don’t fight……you don’t win. If you don’t care….you’re not worth it anyway.


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  39. Johnny Walker Read

    Excellent article. As I watch our last real right we have being stripped from us, I have little to no hope Americans will ever get off their knees and attempt to re-take their country. The gun grabbers are moving ahead full throttle and are making great strides in their objective of disarming the law abiding citizen. Once that is accomplished we will be no different than the Palestinians fighting a brutal and murderous State of Israel.

    American’s will only awaken once the full lock down starts, and by then it will be far to late.


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  41. The post by Mtnforge is exemplary. I want to add a bit about a side issue.
    The Industrial Revolution is working it’s way up the ability ladder. Socialism is the firewall between Darwinian pressures and,,, the non-producers. Since the majority of the so-called upper class do nothing more than rent out their money, they contribute very little to productivity. The same is true for most of the political class,,, the clueless managers. They produce nothing. They NEED socialism for support because they add nothing to productivity. As the computer and specifically, artificial intelligence do away with information management, the ruling political class is in even more danger than the banking class.
    Socrates, the program created by Martin Armstrong writes 3,000 financial reports every day. As finance becomes more predictable, speculation becomes more targeted. The banks can’t drag in the muppets and fleece them. What happens to pump & dump when nobody will buy?
    What happens to politics when Socrates and Deep Blue slowly creep into political decisions?
    What happens to the budget or Obamacare if AI is allowed to tear through it and give a analysis?
    No more “pass it to see what’s in it”.

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  45. libertarian jerry

    There are really only two Classes in America. First,the productive Economic Class who create the wealth. And second,the political Class,including the crony capitalists who live off of the value created by the wealth producing Economic Class. The problem today is that the bulwarks written into our laws and Constitution that limited the government’s ability to steal the wealth of the productive Economic Class has been undermined to the point of collapse. In essence we live in a lawless society backed by a corrupt judicial and law enforcement establishment. In reality,all 10 Planks to the Communist Manifesto (albeit in modified form) have been woven “legally” into the American fabric. The bottom line is that it is too late by decades to restore the rule of law and property rights into America. America is finished as the “land of the free.”


  46. Definition of a Socialist:

    A Socialist is an envious and Jealous person who resents someone having more than them.

    Being also a coward, he/she, will not demand personally that the successful person hand over his/her honestly made money.

    The only solution is to have someone else (a hired gun) do the stealing for them. These people are called “Politicians”

    A politician is also a person who has never created anything, but is endowed with the gift of gab, and some time tested sentences.

    “ I want to make sure your children have the best education possible”, and we’ve seen how good that has been.

    “ I want everyone to have the best health care possible” , and we’ve seen how well that has proceeded,

    “ I think everyone should pay their fair share” Except that they end up with the biggest share, and the poor keep getting poorer.

    What we need is “Change” except that nobody defines what “Change” is.

    2200+ years ago the Greek Philosopher Plato Said : When you take money from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote. That’s Socialism


  47. Robert, the ROOT CAUSE of political conflict — between Left and Right, between men and women, and within each one of us — is found in our two-brained HEMISPHERICTY, where the left-logical hemisphere (( our masculine-inclined brain: having executive control in our day-to-day, moment-to-moment decision-making )) FIGHTS with our right-emotional hemisphere (( feminine-inclined brain: having a let’s-party, have-fun, ignore-risks approach to living )). I have a 1987 report I’ll snail-mail to you if send an address. -Rick


    • For security reasons I don’t give out my home address. If you can turn the report into a PDF, you can send it to me at


      • Robert, I’ve corrected the bad link for all copied on that message, and included the link to your page. Re your privacy, I use a P.O. Box for that. Send a note when you’re able to receive the hardcopy of my report. -Rick


    • Deter Naturalist

      That information has been updated considerably. Look up “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Kahneman, and perhaps “Cold-Blooded Kindness” by Oakley.


      • Professor Oakley had been a correspondent of mine on these issues. Her “Evil Genes . . .” book is far more relevant. -Rick P.S. My 1987 contribution to Political Psychology : “The Donahue Syndrome” (( not on line )).


  48. Excellent post, as always Robert. One point that became apparent when in my economics class so many years ago – though I had to battle a no-name Keynesian professor – Keynesian economics ALWAYS fails because it is inherently flawed. It is flawed because it is based on flawed premises and ignores human nature. So… why? Why push an economic system doomed to failure?

    My own conclusion is the globalists want this nation to fail. To this end they are pushing us into a civil war. They want it and they will get it eventually. Their end-game here is not to “win” the war but to bring us to our knees – politically, economically and militarily. Connect the dots. Ask yourself – “What do the globalists ultimately want?” “How can they achieve their goal?” “Who stands in their way?”


    • Thanks. I don’t think the globalists have any better a crystal ball than anyone else. They will propose, billions of “ordinary” people will dispose.


    • Think of it this way, in terms of brain hemisphericity : GLOBALISTS are the “WE” in the collectivistic-oriented right hemisphere (emotional / musical / liberal / wholistic) while NATIONALISTS are the “I” in the individualistic-oriented left hemisphere (logical / algorithmic / restrained / isolationistic). The right brain ever seeks the libertine, reptilian-/old-brain pleasures found in hedonism while the left brain ever seeks to corral its excesses of food, drink, drugs, and sex. Keep in mind what I’ve coined as “Political Cross-Lateralization” : The left-brain logical controls the right side of the body (politic: rightism) while the right-brain emotional controls the left side of the body (politic: leftism).
      P.S. Each of us is not just one individual ego but TWO people (male and female) in constant battle over how to use one physical body. The late Colin Wilson — British author, and a correspondent of mine in the late Eighties — wrote about that phenomenon in his book about the life of seeker/spiritualist Rudolph Steiner.


  49. I’m not sure what crystal balls have to do with anything. One does not need one to devise or execute a plan or implement a strategy. Anyone who as played chess semi-seriously understands an end-game is not based on any sort of precognition. As a Christian I would advise against even considering such nonsense.


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