The Herd Grows! by Eric Peters

How to make do-it-yourself ear tags. From Eric Peters at

There is tangible good news to report. The cattle are beginning to kick the chute!

As EPautos readers know already, I’ve been sporting a homemade ear tag for the past several weeks, to make the point that Americans are being conditioned to accept being treated like feed lot cows. Literally herded – and prodded. And soon, force-vaccinated and electronically tagged – to prove they have been vaccinated.

Might as well wear an actual cattle tag.

Seeing it might get the prospective cattle thinking, too – and not liking the prospect of being electronically tagged. This might prevent us all from being forcibly tagged.

Wearing the ear tag is also a way to mock the Sickness Psychosis which grips the populace. Wearing an ear tag among mask wearers ridicules the mental illness that has been egged on in the name of an exaggerated physical sickness.

In my state, according to the state – whose numbers are to be mistrusted as much as any numbers proffered by the state – about 320 deaths are attributed to Corona over the past three months.

There are about 8.5 million people living in my state (Virginia).

But more might die! Thousands! Tens of thousands! Millions! We must take steps to be safe!

These people need therapy more than they need masks – and I’ll be damned if I get tagged because of their illness.

It’s ironic, isn’t it?

People have been rendered sick – in the head – over a sickness most of them will never get, much less get dead because of.

But you can’t be too safe!

Yes, you can.

When fear of sickness becomes a morbid obsession, when that deranged fear becomes a cudgel used against others not sick in the head with deranged fear, it becomes a problem. One does not force the mentally sound to accommodate the mentally unbalanced.

Humoring them them is one thing.

If Crazy Aunt Sally thinks she’s Princess Anastasia – the last surviving daughter of the Czar – it’s okay to let her pretend she is so long as her pretending isn’t hurting anyone else. But it’s not okay to give Crazy Aunt Sally the power to enforce her “royal decrees.”

But that’s just what has happened – thanks to Corona Karens (and Kevins). The disturbed people who are not only kowtowing to the ruination of their own lives in exchange for the needless promise that they will remain alive thereby but who are also demanding the ruination of everyone else’s lives, on the same insane basis.

For it is nothing less than insane to destroy the lives of millions – not hypothetically but actually – because “someone” might get sick.

Each mask wearing Sickness Psychotic is presuming everyone else is a mortal threat to their health and on the basis of this speculation, everyone else is being treated as if they are a mortal threat to everyone else.

This is insane – of a piece with insisting that every functional man be required to wear a codpiece to keep his equipment “safe” since otherwise he might commit rape. It is also a mortal threat to everyone’s life.

Because such insanity become the justification for taking lives – via armed force – used against people who don’t play along. Never forget that every government edict carries with a threat of murderous violence. People will be murdered for not obeying the insane edicts of the Sickness Psychotics. It could be thousands of people – those who resist their vaccinations at gunpoint and electronic ear-tagging.

If you think that is insane – as in not likely – look around you. Did you think, three months ago, that the entire country would be turned into a locked-down prison? A locked-down mental health ward?

That people would shuffling around with surgical masks on, like Michael Jackson?

Who was – let’s not forget – not quite right in the head. But we didn’t follow his lead, most of us.

At any rate, resistance isn’t futile.

There may be plenty of cattle but there are also more bulls (of both sexes – and yes, there are just two sexes, no matter how you “identify” or what you make yourself up to look like) and they are beginning to kick.

Probably because they see the chute they’re being herded toward.

I wore my ear tag through the drive-thru at my bank – because I’m no longer allowed to go in – because “someone” (maybe me, but could be anyone) might be Corona-laden, even if they aren’t actually… because we can’t be too safe! The tellers behind the plate glass window – just like in a prison – all know me and all are still somehow alive, despite all the “might.”

They loved the tag – and asked to be tagged. By themselves, before they get tagged by the government (and Bill Gates, who has somehow become the fourth branch of government). So I am making them tags, four all told. Which they promise to wear, to make the point.

Another friend is also wearing a tag – a pink one, because she’s female (but not a Karen).

I had a random stranger ask me for one, seeing mine. He’ll be getting one, too.

You can make one.

All you need is some cardboard – ideally a bright color, like yellow or pink – a pair of scissors and a black sharpie magic marker. Cut out the pattern – see the pics – and then number. I added “Corona” and “Cattle” to mine, to make the point as obvious as possible.  Then cut a little slit through the tab, through which you slide one of those bendy tabs that come with bags of coffee grounds. Use that to press-fit to your ear (better than actually punching a hole through your ear).

Now you’re officially part of the herd – of sanity. And taking a very visible stand against insanity – against Sickness Psychosis – against being forced to play along with the mentally ill, for the sake of their shattered minds – at the expense of your life.

If enough of us moooo! at this absurdity, it will end. Because absurdity only has power when it is taken seriously.

Let’s stop doing that.

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