The Pandemic Isn’t the Threat – the Paradigm Is, by Bretigne Shaffer

Control or freedom? That’s the historical question and it is certainly an issue in medicine. From Bretigne Shaffer at

“For centuries, people have been aware that being out in public carries certain risks – among them, the risk that one might contract a disease from another person. Never before have people widely asserted that they have the right to demand that everyone around them take all possible precautions at whatever cost to themselves to make this environment absolutely risk free. If, as the mandatory vaccination proponents contend, we can demand that everyone around us take every conceivable precaution against every communicable disease, what else can we demand of them?

“What are some other risky practices Americans should no longer tolerate from each other? Going out in public with a cold?”

First they Came for the Anti-Vaxxers, April 23 2015

I wrote this almost exactly five years ago. I was trying to come up with extreme examples to illustrate the absurdity of the demands made by those who would force vaccines on everyone, based on the premise that not taking every possible precaution against being infected by a pathogen constitutes an aggression against those around you.

It turns out my attempts to outdo the absurdity of this argument did not go nearly far enough. It turns out that probably nothing ever could. The past five weeks have made this clear.

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