Consequences: The Cure Is Worse Than the Disease (22)

With the latest Russiagate hoax disclosures, at least the coronavirus no longer has a monopoly on the headlines. However, the drumbeat of bad coronavirus response news continues.

Fatties Stay Home: Leaked UK Doc Shows Mandated Remote-Working Plan For Obese Brits | Zero Hedge

Hawaii Arrests ‘Rogue Tourists’ In COVID Contagion Crackdown | Zero Hedge

San Diego Unemployment Rate Nearly 27%, Breaking County Record Set During Great Depression | Zero Hedge

Chicago Murder Rate Soars Despite Stay-At-Home Orders, Activists Blame “Lockdown Segregation” | Zero Hedge

‘Not If You’re Too Hot’ – Nevada Brothels Unveil Temp-Taking, Mask-Wearing Plans To Re-Open | Zero Hedge

High Yield Issuance Window Slams Shut As United Pulls 11%-Yielding Bond | Zero Hedge

America Has Become A Powder Keg That Is Ready To Explode At Any Time | Zero Hedge

Businesses Discover Employees Would Rather Stay Home And Collect Unemployment During Pandemic | Zero Hedge

YouTube Targets Chinese Blogger After She Posts Video On Coronavirus Origins | Zero Hedge

JC Penney Strikes $500 Million Bankruptcy Financing Deal; Expected To File Next Week | Zero Hedge

Truck Drivers Suffer Largest Job Loss On Record After April Bloodbath Leaves 88,300 Unemployed | Zero Hedge

No, The Lockdown-Driven “Savings Mirage” Won’t Save The Economy | Zero Hedge

A Tragic Record: For The First Time Ever, More Than Half Of The US Population Is Not Working | Zero Hedge

Multimillionaire Celebrities Demand ‘End Of Capitalism’ From Comfort Of Their Luxury Mansions | Zero Hedge

Federal Debt Tops $25 Trillion for First Time; Jumped $1 Trillion in Just 28 Days | CNSNews

New bill could give Americans $2,000 monthly coronavirus stimulus checks for up to 90 days after pandemic – The US Sun

Hispanic Unemployment Rate More Than Triples to Record High in April; 5 Million Lose Jobs | CNSNews

Malls across America resemble ghost towns despite reopening to the public | Daily Mail Online

Coronavirus: Quarantine for UK arrivals ‘will kill international travel’ | News | The Times

Plastic shields in place, Dutch schools to reopen amid coronavirus – Reuters

Milan mayor lashes out at revelers breaking virus rules

Boeing CEO Predicts A US Airline Will “Most Likely” Go Bankrupt This Year | Zero Hedge

Core CPI Crashes By Most On Record; Food Costs Soar As Energy & Apparel Collapse | Zero Hedge

Peter Schiff: These Jobs Aren’t Coming Back | Zero Hedge

London’s Trains Packed With Commuters As PM Johnson Lifts ‘Stay Home’ Order | Zero Hedge

Fed Will Start Buying Bond ETFs Tuesday; Blackrock To Make Over $15 Million In Fees | Zero Hedge

PBOC To Cut Rates Next: China CPI Huge Miss, PPI Prints At 4 Year Low | Zero Hedge

Alameda County Folds, Allows “Minimum Operation” After Elon Musk Defies Coronavirus Order And Dares Authorities To Arrest Him | Zero Hedge

Luxury Real Estate Suffers Price Declines, Suffocated By Social Distancing And Lockdowns | Zero Hedge

“It’s 99% Autonomous” – Delivery Robots Slated To Launch In Texas To Limit Virus Spread | Zero Hedge

iPhone Sales Crash 77% In April, Hammered By COVID-19 Lockdowns | Zero Hedge

A New Reality: Pandemic-Induced Layoffs May Be Permanent | Zero Hedge

The Federal Reserve & Its Ongoing Destruction Of The Bottom 90% | Zero Hedge

British Police Are Investigating People Who Post Tweets Critical Of Lockdown | Zero Hedge

Saudi Arabia Running Out Of Money: Riyadh To Slash Spending By $27 Billion, Suspend Cost Of Living Allowance | Zero Hedge

U.S. Depression? The V-Shaped Recovery Fades Away | Zero Hedge

Commercial Real Estate Is Crashing In Europe: Offices Obliterated, Retail Routed | Zero Hedge

Castle Rock Restaurant Owner Continues Defiant Stance, Says Colorado Coronavirus Restrictions ‘Seem Backward’ – CBS Denver

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts – The Jerusalem Post

Richard Branson scrambles to save his flailing Virgin empire

Watch as 3,500 Uber employees are told they are being laid off over a three-minute ZOOM call | Daily Mail Online


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