The Only Thing Morbidly Obese in D.C. is the Government, by Tom Luongo

The federal government could lose 80 percent of its body fat to the benefit of the productive people who are being squashed by it. From Tom Luongo at

So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to prove the observation as true that the “Left Can’t Meme” by going on TV to decry President Trump prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc to fend off COVID-19 by calling him “morbidly obese.”


What’s so sad about this exchange isn’t the obviously awkward set up by Anderson Cooper, the unctuous virtue signaling by Pelosi or the pathetic pandering to her base it is that Pelosi gets everything exactly wrong.

If Trump is morbidly obese, which would be a co-factor in falling to COVID-19, wouldn’t it make sense then for him TO be taking whatever precautions he and his doctors deemed helpful?

I guess Nancy would know all about morbid obesity because that’s the only kind of legislation she’s capable of sponsoring.

Her latest legislative fiasco was a new $3 trillion stimulus bill with precious little ‘stimulus’ in it whic was rejected by members of her own caucus (because truly who at this point could be stimulated to anything other than nausea by Pelosi).

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