Mad Dog or Mutt, by Southern Sage

The Southern Sage gives a lesson on Constitutional Law to James Mattis, at

The blather spewing from the mouth of the so-called “Mad Dog”, retired Marine Corps general James Mattis, should reveal to the American public just how putrid our most esteemed institutions have become under the leadership of worthless men (and, worse, far worse, bull dyke women). Secretary of Defense Esper, Secretary of the Army McCarthy and some clown who runs the National Guard have also made fools of themselves, proven themselves disloyal, and betrayed their oaths with their bizarre statements criticizing Trump’s threat to use the U.S. armed forces to restore order in the country. If Trump had a hair on his ass all of them would have been frog-marched out of their offices by close of business.

Let’s look at Mattis first. He is just the sort of person Obama would have chosen for high rank, and that is hardly a compliment. I was a contemporary of Mattis in the USMC and can speak with some authority on how a guy like him would have been viewed by most of my fellow Marine officers.

Mattis was known for his “intellectualism” (I cringed when I read that he brags about a 7,000 book library – I have as many but do not feel compelled to talk about it), for his alleged devout Catholic faith (says he prayed with another general, something I would like to see), for viewing himself as a “warrior monk”, and for the fact that he never married. The fact that the three wars he served in reflected little credit on any but the actual fighting soldier or Marine is irrelevant – plenty of good generals have had such bad luck.

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