Paying for Your New EV . . . Even if You Don’t Own One, by Eric Peters

There are a lot of ways you’re paying for electric vehicles. From Eric Peters at

For now, they’re only requiring that electric cars be manufactured. How long will it be before they require people to buy them?

Actually, you’re already paying for them.

Several ways.

New ways.

The obvious way is in the form of the taxes you pay that subsidize their manufacture. But that’s old hat, old man. And it was just for openers.

Last week, Nevada “adopted” (in the euphemistic political language of government, which loves to use the verbiage of kumbaya voluntaryism to hide the collectivist coercion it imposes) electric vehicle quotas similar to those already in place in California. These force a car company that wants to sell any cars in the state to also sell a certain number of electric cars, too.

Even if they have to be given away at a loss.

The costs of that being shifted over to the non-electric cars, which hides the costs of the EV mandate very much in the same way that obnoxiously high gas taxes are hidden by folding them into the cost-per-gallon rather than added on like a sales tax. If people actually had to pony up 50 cents (one average) additional per gallon – at the register – they’d likely object. But when the gas and taxes cost the same, they don’t notice the taxes part.

That’s how you already pay for the EV you don’t drive.

You pay for EVs in other ways, too.



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4 responses to “Paying for Your New EV . . . Even if You Don’t Own One, by Eric Peters

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  2. This is new to me. The U.K. isn’t doing a hard sell on EV’s but they are talking up driverless cars dependent on computers. The drift of your article suggests the motivation is deliberately making standard cars redundant to usher in a great new money making bonanza for someone/s and govt. The usual suspects. But standard cars can be free from computerisation. Computerisation in cars could lead to external control so you can’t drive where you want when you want but only where and when and possibly also who depending on the driver, unless an external authority permits. This seems in line with control freakery govts trying to install computerisation in every possible electric device which ultimately they can control.


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