Dispatches from the War: Trump, is your Army nothing more than heavy tweets? by Jon Rappoport

Trump’s been repeatedly set up since becoming president and has outfoxed his enemies. He’s been set again on Covid-19 and he’d better have something up his sleeve or the inept response to the outbreak will sink him come November. From Jon Rappoport at nomorefakenews.com:

Mr. Trump, the state politicians are cracking down on the people again.

Signs of the times:

Bloomberg Law (7/9/2020): “States Starting to Crack Down on Coronavirus Rule Breakers”

“Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) has focused on the moral responsibility to family and community to mask up. Along with a new order Tuesday extending mandatory masks in all indoor public places to be enforced by businesses came a new refrain: No mask, no service.”

“’If people are not wearing a mask, simply don’t ring up the sale’,” Inslee said at a news conference. ‘This is a key to keep businesses open’.”

“Those who don’t comply can face civil penalties of up to $70,000 as a workplace violation. Violating a gubernatorial proclamation carries fines of up to $5,000 and nearly a year in jail, Inslee Press Secretary Mike Faulk said.”

“The cities of Santa Monica and West Hollywood in California announced July 2 that they would strengthen mask mandates and add penalties ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars for violators.”

“Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) on Friday ordered that people who don’t wear a face covering be fined up to $500, even in parts of the state where most businesses have been allowed to reopen.”

Of course, to you, Mr. President, these amounts of money are trivial. You’re still trying to figure out where the trillions of bailout dollars you signed away are coming from. Who’s underwriting that cash? The Chinese? An elf in never-never land?

Where’s your Army? Is the 82nd Airborne practicing distancing, and mumbling to each other through medical masks? Are they busy spraying their parachutes with gallons of disinfectant? Are they paying fines for jumping out of planes too close to one another during practice runs?

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