The Tide Turns Toward Trump, by Kurt Schlichter

It’s hard to see how Trump can lose to a candidate who can’t put two sentences together and probably won’t debate him. From Kurt Schlichter at

The Tide Turns Toward Trump

Remember how Donald Trump was totally doomed just a couple weeks ago? Grandpa Badfinger was ridin’ high down in his basement and the GOP was going to be destroyed in November. All the smart people of smartness who make up liberal blue check Twitter tweeted it so it had to be true.

Good times.

And then last week it all changed, turning 180 on a dime as Biden stomped on his Pelosi. It’s looking good for Trump and the Republicans again, and while there will be twists n’ turns, and while we best not get cocky (Hat Tip: Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds) the victory most of us patriots expect is coming clearly into focus as Biden becomes clearly more unfocused.

The polls have improved not just for Trump but for the Republicans running downticket too, not that we should put great store in the polls. Keep in mind that the polls were literally the only indicator showing Biden and the Dems were winning. There’s no other manifestation of a blue wave out there. Do you see any Biden signs? There’s just one in my neighborhood, which is all LA suburban woke wine women, and that’s in a creepy house that the children fear. No, there are no Trump signs either, but then that would invite a hassle. A Biden billboard would presumably invite hosannas for wokeness. And yet, only a single strange-o has one and that’s the guy we all suspect is eating the cats that go missing.

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