COVID Incoherence, by Omar S. Khan

Incoherence may be the single best word to describe the Covid-19 response. From Omar S. Khan at

Cuckolded by COVID

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

An Orgy of Incoherence

Each day, in “COVID panic land” statements are issued that are never seemingly challenged, or even questioned, or even unpacked, or even “quizzed” for minimal coherence.

Samples of Mindlessness

“What if COVID never goes away?”

Since it kills virtually no one in statistical terms below 60, and above 60 without comorbidities recovery rates are still highly encouraging, and since the impact on net mortality is not anywhere close to seismic on the actual numbers, the answer is, “We live with it.” Or “We end all life as we know it due to what is tantamount to a bad influenza period.”

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