A Week of Wonders and Marvels, by James Howard Kunstler

I was expecting a big drop off in SLL’s readership this week, figuring everyone would be watching the Democratic convention. So far, however, there hasn’t been any drop off. Imagine that. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Don’t the Democrats know that we can do better than mail-in voting? How about a national show of hands? Say, around four p.m. on Tuesday, November 3 — just after lunch for west coasters and after nappy-time back east? Ready, set… hands up (don’t shoot!). Or maybe just a voice vote: all in favor of blank, say aye…. Wouldn’t that be the most heartwarming moment since Michael Jackson led the all-star chorus of We Are the World?

I’m struggling to understand exactly how the Dems put over the idea that voter ID amounts to voter suppression. I suppose it’s just another instance of the old Joe Goebbels principle that says if you repeat a big lie enough times, people will take it for the truth. The nation used to be immune to these assaults on reason and decency so easily employed by despotic regimes in foreign lands because we were able to watch their insane antics at a comfortable remove. But now that the Dems have gone full Orwell here, you see how easy it really is to bamboozle the home-folks. War is Peace… Freedom is Slavery… Diversity is Uniformity…Vote early and often…and all that.

Traditionally, in New York State, one registers to vote. You sign a document and submit it to the local Board of Elections. This has long been regarded as a logical and necessary obligation of citizenship, like registering a car or a deed to property. On election day, you go into your polling place, and the volunteer officials open a big book of alphabetized names… and, voila, there you are, along with a record of your signature, going back through all the elections you have lived in that voting district. You are who you claim to be, and you get to vote… once.

Through the eighteen four-year election cycles I’ve lived through, nobody objected to this until very recently, when the Democrats realized that the more than ten-million illegal immigrants they had jammed through the border could be enlisted in service to the Party’s elections. In states controlled by the Democrats, like California, it works like a charm to ensure one-party rule — and then one-party rule works like a charm to bankrupt and destroy the state in a feeding-frenzy of “entitlement” freebies. And now they seek to use the same method to destroy the nation as a whole.

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