The November Election Is About Race, by Paul Craig Roberts

As Paul Craig Roberts says, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, race is going to be a big issue in the coming election. From Roberts at

Everyone knows it, but few will admit it, that the election is about race.  The Democrat Party and the presstitutes have set it up that way.  White Americans are the target.

Years of propaganda against “white racism” have succeeded in teaching black Americans that they are victims of “white privilege.”  The same propaganda has instilled in white liberals and the young a strong sense of race guilt.  The sense of guilt is so strong that the majority of the violent protests and threatening marches through white neighborhoods are carried out by white people under Antifa and Black Lives Matter banners.  

The Democrat mayors of Seattle, Portland, New York, and Minneapolis are white.  These are the cities whose reputations and businesses were most damaged by the looting made possible by restraints placed on police.  Mayors supported by city councils have responded to the threat to their cities by getting on board with the “defund the police” movement. Members of these city governments have said that it is “white privilege” to expect protection by police, and that dismantling such white privilege is the path to a non-racist society.  Democrat district attorneys in some of these jurisdictions want to arrest and indict white Americans who, left without police protection, defended their own property or injured violent protesters while escaping the violence.

In other words, the inclination of Democrats is to use the law against the victims and not against the perpetrators.  The reason is that the victims are perceived as being white and the perpetrators are perceived as being black.  In fact, many of the perpetrators are white, but they claim to be acting in the name of black Americans.  

The mayors’ attitude changed once the protests targeted the mayors themselves.  Nevertheless, it took a perceived threat against the mayors themselves to align them with the law-abiding population. Their “white guilt” brainwashing and indoctrination was sufficiently strong that only a personal threat broke them out of it.

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