The Power of the Asserted Unknown, by Eric Peters

There was an outbreak of freedom in South Dakota, and the coronavirus commissars were unable to stop it, even though some of the participants may have been exposed to various germs. From Eric Peters at

There’s an old joke that used to be funny about the shyster lawyer who asks the defendant, “And when did you stop beating your wife”? It was funny because everyone understood (because people could think, once) that the lawyer was a shyster . . . because the poor man hadn’t ever beaten his wife.

It’s not funny anymore because millions of people can’t think anymore; do not see that they are being shystered by the Gesundheitsfuhrers and the Hyena Media when it comes to assertions about the WuFlu.

The latest such follow on the heels of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, where hundreds of thousands of Americans didn’t imitate Michael Jackson. Didn’t wear gloves or Face Diapers; didn’t leap back in fear of proximity; they slapped backs and had fun – face to face.

In your face to the Gesundheitsfuhrers who have been turning America into a depressing and tyrannical sickness gulag by spreading fear about a sickness that presents no more threat  to 99.5-plus percent of the public than the ordinary flu and less of a threat to 100 percent of the population than medical malpractice (which is credited with about 250,000 needless deaths each year) or obesity (millions) .

A fact – not an assertion.

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