Sports and the Election, by Bionic Mosquito

Once upon a time sports were sports. Apparently a lot of fans don’t appreciate that sports has become a series of political statements, and they’re not watching the games. Is it a harbinger of 2020 election? Probably. From the Bionic Mosquito at

Interesting results from a recent Gallup poll, tracking Americans’ views of various business and industry sectors.  Gallup measured the views on twenty-five sectors, asking if the views were very positive, somewhat positive, neutral, somewhat negative or very negative.

Of the twenty-five sectors, first a look at those whose net rating (net positive minus net negative) was the lowest:

The federal government is at the bottom.  I would like to be happy about this, but we don’t know if it is because people feel it is doing too much or not enough.  In any case, Pharmaceutical and sports aren’t much above it, with most of the remaining cellar-dwellers in industries that work to shove garbage down our throats.

Focusing in on sports, what is really interesting is how far it has fallen in one year; no industry has fallen further:

Even more interesting, the change in net score for the sports category in a year is negative in every mentioned grouping:

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