Win or Lose, It Was a Good Election, by Gregory Hood

Even bad elections can have beneficial outcomes. From Gregory Hood at

Many white advocates are unhappy about last night’s election results. They didn’t get the decisive Trump win they wanted and it’s suspicious that the president was leading in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states when the authorities decided they couldn’t finish counting votes until tomorrow. Texas and Florida didn’t have that problem. Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden very early while it delayed calling an obvious Donald Trump victory in Florida.

We may never get an entirely convincing vote count for this election, but let us assume that Joe Biden wins, and wins fairly. Even in this “worst case” scenario, white advocates should be happy.

First, there was no “blue wave.” The polls were wrong, and media outlets look foolish. President Donald Trump did not lose Florida or Texas. I never thought President Trump would lose Florida, and I expected it would be closer than the polls predicted. Still, I thought Joe Biden would be the obvious victor by now and I was wrong.

Predictions that Joe Biden would win an overwhelming victory and come into office with a popular mandate were progressive fantasies. It’s almost as if polls were meant to direct public opinion, not measure it. And the results further discredit journalists, who are incapable of reporting fairly on Donald Trump — or on us.

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