Boo hoo. The Moonbats Stole Our Election. Now What? by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

The Democrats have done everything they can, including drumming up a fake pandemic, to win this election. From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

I had lunch with two friends the week before the November 3, 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.  One of the men is an unconfessed Socialist and the other is a Republican in Name Only (RINO).  During our discussion, the RINO told the Socialist he was voting for Trump.  Honestly, I was very surprised because I’m quite sure he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. So, afterward, I privately asked the RINO if he had seen Tucker Carlson’s interview of Tony Bobulinski. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the RINO replied he did not watch “pulp journalism” and that he only deals with the “facts and hard reporting” as found on the digital pages of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Of course, a sh*tfest ensued.  In summary, the RINO would not hear anything about Bobulinski’s response to Joe Biden’s (second presidential debate) claims of “Russian disinformation”, he believed Biden would (deservedly) win in a landslide, that Trump has f*cked up America’s Covid response, and that he [the RINO] was actually voting for Biden.  It turned out he was joking inside the restaurant when he said he was voting for Trump.

During our discourse, the RINO cited mainstream media polls as proof Biden would win in a landslide.  When I told him the fundamentals were favoring Trump more in 2020 than they were four years ago, he was surprised by that claim and asked me to explain. In turn, I mentioned Biden as the second-worst presidential candidate in history; the undeniable swamp-creature revelations, urban rioting, and that I believed the election would serve as a referendum on the Covid Lockdowns®.  At that, the RINO scornfully asked me to name Trump’s Covid policy.  I replied:  “Focused Protection” as opposed to Biden’s proposed lockdown and mandates.  At that statement, the RINO seemed stunned and had no response.

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2 responses to “Boo hoo. The Moonbats Stole Our Election. Now What? by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

  1. Conservative Tree House has an 8+ minute Lou Dobbs interview with Tom Fitten and Sidney Powell. Fitton stresses the tremendous #s of excess voter registrations and that all of the state in play for voter fraud have republican legislatures except Nevada. Sidney Powell discusses some software programs Hammer and Scorecard that may have been used to change voting data. Some references are in the comment section.


  2. Also from CTH on Democrat voter fraud:
    Michigan GOP Identifies Software “Glitch” in Voting System – One County Had 6,000 Wrongly Assigned Biden Votes Corrected To Trump When Fixed…The apparently responsible Dominion voting software is being used in many states.


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