Mediocre Man, by the Zman

The proportion of smart people in the population shrinks, life deteriorates, and a gaggle of mediocre government functionaries presides over it all. From the Zman at

When trying to understand what has gone so terribly wrong with the Occident, observers often point to intelligence as the main driver. The populations of the West are getting dumber, so they are less capable than in the past. This is not to say there are no geniuses today or that there are fewer of them. It’s that their proportion of society is smaller than in the past. It is the smart fraction that is getting smaller. As a result, the progress of the West has slowed and may be in reverse.

The typical way this is explained is this way. Imagine a man dragging a sack of rocks down a road. If he is a large man and the sack has only a few rocks, he can drag the sack as fast as he could walk without it. If on the other hand, he is a small man and the sack has many rocks, he will move much smaller than his capacity. This will show up most prominently when his path is not clear. He may even come to a halt when he comes to a hill or a long incline.

Now, one reason for this decline in intelligence, is the mass invasion from outside the Occident over the last fifty years. Minneapolis is now a dysfunctional city because of the importation of sub-Saharan Africans. The sorts of people who think Ilhan Omar is a great leader will struggle with modernity. The reason these people are trapped in the Neolithic age is they lack the cognitive ability to go much further. California looks like Mexico because it is now full of Mexicans.

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One response to “Mediocre Man, by the Zman

  1. Over 20 years ago in the UK a study revealed that the IQ of people in prominent roles in society, requiring exceptional intelligence, had lower IQ’s than in the fifties/sixties. This was suggested the explanation for inferior judgement and professional competence. It remained an open question how this happened. A couple of suggestions. Immediately post war availability of education to all sections of society was at its zenith and there had been great levelling-up in the war era. Meritocracy was at a peak. Then feminism expanded middle class mediocrity as the old boys network now included middle class women blocking promotion of intelligent working class men. The decline of meritocratic features has accompanied classism becoming more entrenched. A culture of dumbing down protects the mediocrity from being shown up by their “inferiors”.


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