Where is the Law Against Showing Your Face? by Eric Peters

Governors executive orders are not laws. Laws are passed by legislatures and signed by governors. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

One way to fight the Corona monomaniacs – the very sick people who insist that “Corona” trumps everything, cost no object (whether in money or diminution of life) and who are “mandating” that everyone “wear a mask” everywhere they go – is to not wear the “mask.”

Showing your face is a visual repudiation of their emotional blackmail. Their despicable demand that you look as though you agree with their hysterical hypochondria – by hiding your face behind a “mask.” By looking like am imbecile – someone who believes that a rag worn over one’s face filters out a virus or prevents a virus from being spread.

Another is to oblige them to charge you with a statutory offense for showing your face.

In almost every state, there is a “mandate” or “guideline” ordering everyone to hide their face. But in no state has a law been passed obliging people to do so – nor to stand six feet apart or perform any other act of Sickness Kabuki.

If there is no law, the there can be no charge – or conviction.

Not without admitting – openly – that we live under tyranny. That they can arrest and cage us at their pleasure.

This is an important point, at least  insofar as exposing the fiction that the United States and the states which comprise it are governed by laws duly passed by legislators who are elected by the people to represent them.

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