It Ain’t Dark Yet, But It’s Getting There, by Southern Sage

We may be closer to some sort of violent schism than even the pessimists think. From Southern Sage at

As the Bob Dylan song says, “It ain’t dark yet, but its getting there.” Indeed it is. It is surprising how many people go about their lives in a fog, never imagining anything can bring catastrophe down on them. The German Jews are the proverbial group that should have seen it coming. In fact, a very large percentage did, took their losses, and got the hell out of Dodge.

But what of the smug and contented upper and middle classes of Europe in June 1914? The truth is, men with vision had already forecast a terrible war because they had seen and analyzed those factors leading up to it. Most of the people, though, hardly gave it a thought. Many of them would be dead before another year passed.

Astute observers of the 2020 election understand that this undisguised banana republic-type coup is the Rubicon for the American Republic. There is no going back now. The road ahead is wide and it leads to civil war, a total breakdown of our institutions and financial system, disasters in the foreign field, the break up of the United Sates, or all of these together.

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