Tailgunner Joe Rides Again, by Carl Boggs

Will the Democrats and leftists wage a campaign of retribution worthy of Tailgunner Joe McCarthy? From Carl Boggs at unz.com:

Among the most sordid periods of American history was the systematic political repression directed against leftists, Communists, labor activists, and other “subversives” – the McCarthyism of peak Cold War years spanning the late 1940s to late 1950s. The merciless ideological crusade associated with Joe McCarthy, junior senator from Wisconsin otherwise identified as “Tailgunner Joe”, was no minor interlude: it destroyed the jobs, careers, even lives of many thousands of people, all targeted as un-American threats to be blacklisted, subjected to personal ruin.

When the unconscionable McCarthy was ultimately censured, driven from power, and the notorious House Un-American Activities Committee finally disbanded, it was generally believed that this particular fascistic current of American politics had been buried for good. Not so. Now, several decades later, we have the specter of a new McCarthyism instigated by those – mainly Democrats – still driven to hysteria over what remains of the Trump presidency. The tortured spirit of Tailgunner Joe seems to have returned with special venom. New holy warriors filled with moral righteousness are called to action, ready to destroy any Trump deplorable in sight – that is, anyone smeared as a white supremacist, Nazi, or supporter of the most recently-recycled Adolf Hitler. Such evil, the neo-McCarthyites believe, has already disfigured the political culture they ritually and mindlessly describe as “our democracy”. Overcome with rage, they want total vengeance.

These enraged liberals (and a few conservatives) pervade the airwaves of CNN and elsewhere across corporate media outlets along with groups like the Lincoln Project. Their aim is nothing less than to destroy notable figures – government officials, media pundits, family members, campaign workers, lawyers – within the Trump orbit, supposed bearers of fascist ideology. In the 1950s this was often referred to as “scoundrel time”. Such gatekeepers of the liberal orthodoxy as Keith Olbermann are out for blood, as is U.C., Berkeley professor Robert Reich, who has called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission tasked with uncovering horrific crimes and other wrongdoings of the Great Orange Threat. These Commissions have been established in South Africa, the Congo, El Salvador, and elsewhere to lay bare human-rights and kindred transgressions, with mixed success.

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