Capitalists and Ropes, by Eric Peters

American car companies appear quite willing to kill their businesses in a politically correct way. From Eric Peters at


Lenin was right about capitalists and ropes.

GM – one of the major pushers of electric cars – just announced that sales of its not-electrics are up 4.8 percent. Almost all of these sales being of large SUVs and pick-ups, the very vehicles about to be pushed off the market by electric vehicle mandates.

Including the Stealth EV Mandate – which GM supports – that all new vehicles (cars and trucks) average close to 50 MPG by about five years from now. This is the “fuel economy” (also styled “emissions”) mandate pushed by California that’s propagating to the rest of the country because major automakers such as GM (and let’s be fair, Ford and some others as well) have amen’d it even as the retiring Orange Man did his best to prevent its propagation.

It is Stealth EV Mandate because nothing that isn’t at least partially electric – i.e., a hybrid – is going to average 50 MPG or even 40, for that matter.

Certainly nothing that’s an SUV or pick-up – which are the ones GM is crowing about selling more of. Soon, it will be selling fewer of them.Including the little ones.     

A 2021 Chevy Equinox — which is a small SUV about the same overall size as a Toyota Corolla – achieves 31 MPG  . . . on the highway  . . . with a 1.5 liter four cylinder engine.

The Corolla just barely crests 40 – also on the highway.

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