Calling the Marquess of Queensberry, by Eric Peters

Playing by the rules when the other side doesn’t is a game for fools. From Eric Peters at

As bad as Facebook and Twitter, et al are, “conservative” talk radio “is much worse. Without exception, the hosts urge civility and acceptance. Like the rest of Conservatism, Inc.

Which is why conservatives lose.

They do not understand the nature of a fight. They imagine it to be a gentlemanly affair, no low blows and such. The problem being that in a fight like this one, there are no rules.

Assuming you don’t want to lose.

Trump is losing – almost lost entirely and us along with him  – because he pinned his hopes on fair play with people who fight dirty. He apparently believes, almost like a not-bright child, that his adducing of evidence about illegalities matters when all that matters is what the Germans call macht – power, applied. The use of any means necessary to win.

The left understands macht. 

They are prepared to act – and do so  . . . while conservatives talk.

And then, submit.

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